Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Fun Treadmill Workout

I know, it sounds like an oxymoron.  Fun and treadmill don't typically go together, at least in my vocabulary.  I love running and walking, but for some reason, the treadmill can drive me crazy.  1 minute feels like 1 mile.  But there are plenty of times throughout the year when a treadmill workout is the only way to get in a run or walk.  The secret to survival is keeping it interesting.  It's a simple trick, but keeping an eye on the time, adjusting the resistance and speed, will keep your mind engaged and off of the fact that you are walking (or running) to no where :)

For my favorite sprint workout on the treadmill, click here

Today I am going to share my favorite walking workout for the treadmill.  By gradually increasing the resistance you will not only be upping the calorie burn but also targeting the inner and outer thighs and the glutes.  Keep your shoulders relaxed, even as you pump your arms while climbing.  Don't forget to keep your core engaged, too!

Minute               Pace               Incline
1                        3.5                  0
2                        4.0                  0
3-5                     4.0                  2.0
6-8                     4.0                  4.0
9-11                   4.0                  6.0
12-14                 3.5                  8.0 
15-17                 3.0                  10.0
18-20                 3.5                  9.0
21-23                 4.0                  7.0
24-26                 4.0                  5.0
27-29                 4.0                  3.0
30                      4.0                  0

When you hit 31 minutes, the workout is over!  Stay on the treadmill for 3-5 more minutes at a 3.5-3.0 pace, 0 incline, to cool-down.

Congratulations!  You conquered the treadmill!              

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  1. Seems simple yet effective...I am not a huge dreadmill fan but I am considering trying this!

    1. Definitely try it, or the interval one that is linked in this post. I am such a whiny baby when it comes to getting on the treadmill, but these two workouts keep me from going crazy :)

  2. This looks great!

    1. It definitely makes the time go by much quicker with all of the ups and downs :)


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