Tuesday, November 12, 2013

So, what is a Pilates certification, anyway?

I am currently working towards my comprehensive Pilates certification, with the test being on December 13.  For those of you that read this blog or follow me on social media, you know how firmly I believe that Pilates instructors should be well trained.  But what exactly is a Pilates training?  Shedding a bit of light on that today:

I am pursuing my Peak Pilates certification.  Peak Pilates is a classical certification, sanctioned by the Pilates Method Alliance.  Classical Pilates follows the specific orders and exercises created by Joseph Pilates.
Peak Pilates describes their training(s) as:
The Peak Pilates® Comprehensive Certification is a classical Pilates education program distinguished by an emphasis on Pilates as an integrated movement system as Joseph Pilates intended.

I have learned the Pilates mat work, Reformer, chair, ladder barrel, as well as other complimentary equipment, like the spine corrector and Ped-o-Pull

The more training I receive, the happier I am with a comprehensive, multi-level training.  Practice and studying most definitely makes perfect, and I never get nervous prior to teaching a class, a private session, giving a presentation on Pilates...my training has prepared me for all of it.

So, here is what I have been through:
2009:  Two 4 day trainings, 9 hours each day, followed with a full 8 hour day of testing.  The test includes a practical portion of teaching mat and equipment, being taught to in order to see that I can perform the work, and a written assessment covering Pilates instruction, anatomy and practical applications of the work.

2011:  One 4 day training, 9 hours each day followed with another full testing day, just like above, but with more in-depth training for the intermediate level.

2013:  Two 3 day trainings, 4-9 hours each day.  In December I will take part in another assessment day.  Scary but fun all at once.  After (hopefully!) passing this exam I will have gone through the beginner to advanced work and successfully tested out, showing knowledge in the exercise and method of true Pilates.  My education won't be over, though, the comprehensive certification is just my ticket into the interesting and fun world of advanced continuing education.  Learning to work with injuries, athletes, the super-advanced work...so much fun still ahead!

There are many Pilates certifications out there, some just as in-depth as mine, some more intense, some just one day in length.  Always check to see where and who certified your instructor.  The more training your instructor has, the safer you will be and the more effective the exercise will be for you.

Have you tried Pilates?  
Mat?  Reformer?
Did you know that a Pilates instructor goes through this rigorous of a training?

Friday, November 8, 2013

It isn't easy for any of us...

"It isn't easy for any of us, Pete."
This was said by Peggy to Pete in an episode of Mad Men.  He was lamenting about how hard it was for him to be a working husband and looked at Peggy's life as being single, fun, and no worries.  If you watch Mad Men, you know that that is far from the truth.  What Peggy said has stuck with me.  It truly isn't easy for any of us even though the grass always looks greener on the other side, right?
Today I woke up and was hit with a dizzy spell.  I had tubes put in my ears in 2011 due to chronic pressure and infection problems.  They are slowly growing out, I have one in, one out, currently, and I know that it is causing me to feel dizzy.  My first Pilates session today I went to demo an exercise where you bend to touch your toes. Whoa my gosh!  I felt like the room was spinning!  I then had to teach a 30 minute yoga class.  Wow.  Did you ever spin and spin until you couldn't anymore and then lie down on the floor?  The room felt like it was tipping.  I used to love that when I was a toddler.  That is how I felt today and I definitely can say that I don't love it anymore.  By the end of class I felt like I was going to vom.  But I still had to teach one more private Pilates session.  I was upright and started to feel better.  Once my client's hour was up I was faced with some free time due to a cancellation.  My first thought was to practice Reformer for my upcoming exam.  Then I realized how dizzy I had been and thought about just going home.  Nope,  Can't do that.  I need the practice, and since I am a working mom with an insanely busy schedule I have to grab up practice time when I can.
So, I did my advanced Reformer workout.  And I was fine.  Maybe the yoga had re-centered my balance.  Maybe the hour break from movement in my own body helped.  Whatever caused it, I powered through and wasn't more than a smidge dizzy.
So, while it may seem like me, being a Pilates trainer, can just breeze through any and every workout, I can't.  I want to just go home as often as the next guy.  I feel dizzy and blarfy just like everyone else has at some point.  Yes, fitness is my passion and love so it is my stress-reliever and tons of fun for me most of the time.  But it isn't always what I want to be doing.  It isn't easy for any of us.

What is something in your life that others think is easy for you but you have to power through?