Thursday, September 26, 2013

4 Tips to take in more water

We all know that we are supposed to drink plenty of water throughout the day.  But knowing and actually doing are two different things.  It is so easy to forget to grab a drink or to keep putting it off.
I often find myself thirsty but in my head think "let me just finish this email" or "as soon as I am done cooking dinner" and then I will grab a glass of water.
Here are a few tips on how to drink more:

1.  Know how much you want to take in.  
There are so many recomenddations out there on how much water we need daily.  I prefer to take in a half ounce for each pound I weigh.  So, 60 ounces of water for someone that weights 120 pounds.  Find an intake recommendation that works for you, make a note of how many ounces you want to take in each day, and do it!

2.  Pick your perfect container.
I notice that when I drink from a straw I drink a lot more throughout the day, so a tumbler with a straw is perfect for me.  I never go anywhere without my insulated tumbler filled with water!  There are so many options out there, from wide-mouth canteens to extra-large squirt bottler, that you are sure to find your perfect pick.

3.  Count your gulps.
Fill a glass with 4 ounces of water.  Drink it and count how many gulps it took.  Now, when you are out and about, you will still know how many ounces you are taking in.

4.  Drink and drive.
Water, that is.  Before I leave for work or to head home from work I fill my tumbler with water.  During my 20-30 minute commute I try to drink the entire thing.  This helps me stay hydrated and keep the munchies at bay.  This would also be a perfect way to help you if you are trying to quit smoking.  Replace your cigarette on the drive home with a tall glass of water!

How do you make sure you are drinking enough water?

Do you feel like you get enough or are you constantly thirsty?

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Powered By Bits!

If you are reading this post it hopefully means that you took part in the Energy Bits Powered By Bits Twitter Chat.  If you are just stumbling upon this post on your own, that's fine, too! Welcome!

The topic of my chat was How To Eat Healthy With a Busy Schedule.
Questions about eating healthy are some of the most asked by my students and friends, so it only made sense to chat about it on Twitter.
I work 30-40 hours each week, managing a fitness studio and teaching about 20 classes per week.  This means I am on the go every day and rarely have time to sit down to a traditional one hour lunch break.  Even if I do get a lunch hour, I still like to keep it healthy.  So here, today, I would like to re-post the questions from Twitter and go a little more in-depth with my answers
To check out the Twitter feed simply search #poweredbybits and you can read through all of the questions and wonderful answers!

Question 1:
How do you eat healthy at work?
Answer 1:
I pack fresh cut veggies and fruits, nuts and whole grain crackers. I never head to work or an event without packing a lunch/snack. 
Great re-usable containers are a must.  I love bento-style containers!
My favorite packable meal:
Sliced celery
Carrot sticks
Cherry tomatoes (yellow are my favorite!)
1 Babybel cheese
A scoop of nuts ( I LOVE the Wasabi mix from Trader Joe's!)
Grapes or a Cutie Orange
Multi-grain chips (I love Food Should Taste Good brand)
Sometimes I eat this as my lunch or dinner, all at one sitting, but typically I pick a few to eat throughout my day.

The drive home from work can be dangerous.  What are your tips for avoiding drive-thru and gas station fare?
I always fill my water bottle before I leave for the commute home.  I goal myself to try and drink most of the 24 ounce container during my 25 minute drive.  This helps me to make sure I am getting plenty of water and keeps me from being tempted to stop for a burger or bag of chips.  When I am starving on the drive home I, like most, fantasize about pulling up to a fast food restaurant or running into a convienience store to grab whatever is nearest the cash register to munch on during the ride home.  What I do to keep this from happening is really think about how this will make me feel after I eat it.  Sure, the gooey bean and cheese burrito will satisfy my craving, but I know that I will feel heavy and full in a not-so-great way after I eat it.  I then think about the healthy meal waiting for me at home and how I will feel full in an energized and healthy way after eating that.  The drive home, with my big cup of water, is a perfect time to take a handful of Energy Bits.  The spirulina algae fills me up, revitalizes me and provides me with protein and so much more!

Do you allow yourself a cheat day?
I feel like labeling a day as a "Cheat Day" can cause problems.  I always envision a cheat day as eating everything in site like Cookie Monster.  Taking in an insane amount of bad calories in one day leaves me feeling yucky, inside and out.  So, rather than giving myself a cheat day, or recommending that to clients, I prefer the 80/20 approach.
80% of the week, lets say Monday-Friday, I eat very healthy.  My fresh foods, lean proteins, etc.
20% of the week, lets say Saturday and Sunday, I take a more liberal approach and may have dinner at a Mexican restaurant, an ice cream cone, or split a bag of movie popcorn with my boys.  Notice I used the word "or" not "and".  I try to remain pretty healthy even on my 20% days, but on the other side of that, I hate feeling deprived.  So, if I want a Cobb salad with blue cheese or a chicken salad sandwich on sourdough, I eat it, but I know that my next meal will be less cheat-like.

How do you eat healthy when traveling?
The first thing I do when I am traveling is head to the market.  I pick up fresh veggies and fruits, single-serving packages of nuts or dried fruit and big bottles of water.  This way I know that I will have healthy options.  I pack my purse/bag the same whether I will be wandering around a big city or hiking wilderness trails.  I also allow myself a few extra fun meals or snacks when traveling.  Why deprive myself of a Whattaburger or Rita's Italian Ice that I can't get in my hometown?  When in Rome, right?

What is your favorite on-the-go breakfast?
Sprouted grain toast topped with nut butter and bananas.  And a sprinkle of cinnamon!  Easy to eat during the commute or while sitting and checking emails.  My true, crazy-busy, no time to spare breakfast would be a banana or a Larabar :)

The point of the Twitter chat was to throw out my questions and receive lots of helpful answers, so, if you haven't already tweeted your answers, please use the comment section below to give your answers and tips!

As the host of the Powered By Bits chat I am lucky to get to host a giveaway!
One winner will receive an Energy Bits travel tin filled with 50 spirulina bits!
I just love Energy Bits and Vitality Bits, the fact that they are organic, just one ingredient (algae) with no fillers, chemicals, sweeteners...nothing but the good stuff.
A raisin is a dried grape, a bit is dried algae.  Simple.

Entering to win is easy!  Just post a comment below with your favorite healthy eating tip to be entered.  To gain an extra entry follow @EnergyBits and @forwardfrmheart (that's me!) on Twitter and let me know you did in the comment section along with your Twitter handle.

Good luck!

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