Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Running the Gridiron

Okay, lets not pretend that me posting anything about football is normal.
If you know me at all you know that I am bored during games and, even when I try to engage, I just don't get the rules and can't stay focused.
But, sometimes a lack of interest can translate into a great workout, right?
When L is at flag football I try my hardest to watch and cheer him on.  Because of work I can't be at any of his games, so this is the only time I get to see him play.  Only, I can't stay focused.  You is just so weird and boring to me.  I seriously have an attention deficit for the sport.
So, I usually end up going for a walk or run while he practices.
And last night, magic happened!
I think I invented this great new workout but I would like to add the disclaimer that it runs in my family to think we invented things that have been around for years.  I remember my grandma cooking shrimp for us that was sauteed in butter and garlic telling us she had invented a new way to serve shrimp.  "You mean, shrimp scampi?" We all asked.  Oh, yeah...that.
So, anyway, if this workout already exists and you have been doing it and loving it since high school or something, let me know!  I actually did google it and came up with nothing, so I would love to hear if it has an official name.
Enough with my rambling, time for the workout!

Running the Gridiron
Start at one end of a football field.  Run straight down the yard line, turn and then continue to serpentine the entire field down each yard line.
I would sprint some and regular pace some.  The last half I ran backwards down one line, forwards down the next.  
Doing the entire field is about 1 mile, so down and back gave me a nice, 2.23 mile workout, with sprints and backwards training!  I also ran on a junior football field, so running on the larger "regular" football field would give you even more miles!
It was a great opportunity to challenge my pace, zone out and enjoy my music without worrying about cars, dogs or creeps, and just get lost in my happy running place.
Your GPS will look a little confused :)

Try it and let me know what you think!  The possibilities are endless when it comes to can goal yourself for 1 trip down and back, 2, ever many miles you want to get in.  And, like I said, sprint!  Run backwards!  Run sideways!  Skip, gallop, bunny hop...have fun with it!  But tell me about it, okay?  I love hearing about your workouts.


Thursday, October 3, 2013

Kansas City Guacamole

Today's recipe came from boredom or perhaps lack of ingredients, but turned into a tasty recipe that satisfies my love of avocados and my KC BBQ heart.

2 avocados
1 tomato, diced
4-6 green onions, sliced thin
1-2 tbsp barbacue sauce  (This KC girls used Gates...duh!)

Mash the avocado and add the other ingredients.  Stir to just blend.

Serve with tortilla chips, fresh veggies, or use to top a veggie burger or sizzling Kansas City strip.