Thursday, February 28, 2013

Let's Swap!

I just love getting to know other bloggers.  It has really helped me to learn more about people all over this country and I have made some really great friends along the way as well.
I don't know about you, but I do scroll down the blogs I love to check out who advertises with them.  It makes me so happy when one of my readers mentions that they found out about a blog because of me.  And on the other side of that, I love to look at my stats and see that a friends blog has brought traffic to me.
For the month of March I would like to swap ads with as many people as my ad space can hold.
As you can see I have Regular, Large and Extra Large ad space.
What I would like to do is swap even-steven.  Large for Large, etc.
I am offering 3 spaces per size, or 9 spaces total on a first-contact basis.

It is not just limited to bloggers.  If you have an etsy page or a website that you would like to advertise on my blog, that would be great, too!

Email me and let me know which space you would like to swap with me and let's do this!

February Burpee Challenge

So, how did it go?  Today is the 28th and, if you started February 1 and followed the plan, today you should be doing 30 burpees.  In a row.  No stopping.

So, are you?
I can tell you, honestly, that I am not.  Burpees are very challenging for me.  I get winded so quickly and, although it has improved, I am still a weakling when it comes to upper body strength.  So, I get to 15 or 20 and have to take a breather.  And my form starts to suck, so I need to rest.  I walk around, get my heart rate down and bit, and finish out my alotted number.
Don't quit until you have finished, but break when you need to.

Thanks to the burpee challenge I do notice some changes in my body.

  1. My arms feel and look more defined.
  2. I am getting less winded after doing burpees, which can only help with running and biking.
  3. My push-up form is better.
  4. I am even better at counting now.  :)
So, how about you?  What changes are you noticing thanks to the Burpee Challenge?

The Challenge has been a big success on Pinterest, with lots of pinning and re-pinning.  THANK YOU to all of my readers for sharing.  I am changing the name of the post to remove "February" and just have it be called the Burpee Challenge so that we can still use it as a guide to build strength and cardio health.  To see the updated post click here and scroll down to use the "Pin It" button to share the fun!

Thanks for participating and be on the lookout for more monthly challenges.  This was fun!

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Snow Running

After one mild winter last year, this year Kansas City is getting snow.  And lots of it!  I love getting outside in all types of weather.  It's fun to see the changes in the landscape and, of course, to get fresh air and move around, no matter the temperature.
So, when we got around a foot of snow last week I just had to get out in it.  The same day of the snow fall I began fighting a yucky cold, so my plans of shoveling and running were somewhat diminished.  I did make sure to get out each day.  Shoveling, walking, running a bit.  This could be why I still, 5 days later, am fighting the cold.  Haha.  No way!  Getting outside helped.

Video from the first day after the big snow.  I had to try running!

Thanks to Facebook I was able to see that many of my running friends were out in the snow.  3 mile runs, 5 mile runs.  I was jealous.  So when we went out yesterday I decided I was going to do some trail running.  I was back in the woods at my in-laws where the snow is at least a foot deep in most places.  I ran maybe 1/8 of a mile and was so very exhausted.  Panting, sweating...and this is me, guys. I run 2-5 miles a few times each week, do at least 3 cycle classes and interval training, too.  So, I don't know if it was the depth of the snow, my cold, or my shoes, but there was no way I could keep up with the miles logged by others.  I did continue to walk in the snow, which is quite a workout, too.  When your foot plunges into a foot of snow, walking or running, it throws off your balance.  Then to lift your leg back up gives a nice resistance aspect.  Snow, for most of us, isn't on the ground very often each year.  I am definitely now a fan of working out in the snow!
I enjoy walking and running in the snow.  For me, though, if it's deep snow I will be doing a walk/run combo.  It's easier for me to keep pace that way, err...not die, and my family can join in, too!

Walking in the snow.  I could do this for hours!
Running.  So challenging but also exhilarating.
I can't go for long, but it's such a great experience!

What I wore:
  • Running tights topped with lined workout pants for water-resistance
  • Cotton t-shirt topped with a thermal shirt
  • Down coat
  • Running gloves that are water-wicking lined with fleece
  • BOGS all-weather boots
^^^^ the boots probably also slowed me down a bit BUT I don't like cold/wet clothes and I especially don't like frost bite.

Probably not the best "running shoe" :)

I asked some friends what they thought of their experience snow running:

"Snow trail running is to trail running what trail running is to road running."
     -Danny T.

"Embrace the elements, they make you feel alive."
     -Sally B.

"Get outside.  Whether it's for 5 minutes or 50.  A little bit of fresh air, no matter the temperature, will do you good!"

[When asked what I should wear in the snow]
"Depends on how long you want to try to keep your feet warm...either way they will get cold and wet, but you will survive."
     Ed H.

"Rain, Snow, or 20 Below."
     -Crystal L.

"I'm like an addict looking for a fix. AKA, what streets are clear enough for me to get out and run?!?!"
     -Callie S.

It's not too often you get running scenery like this!

One more quote that I definitely repeated to myself while running: 
"Don't quit when you are tired, quit when you are finished."
This SO helped me to keep my legs running when I desperately wanted to stop before my designated "finish line" out in the woods.

Bottom line:  get out in the snow!  Experience the outdoors and don't fret about the weather.  Safety first, of course.
If you have snow on the ground make sure you get outside!  Whether its to see how you do running in the snow or if its for a walk around the block, I highly recommend it!  Let me know what you think!

Have you ran in the snow?
How was it?
Do you call it "snogging" jogging +snow?  I want to but I can't and not giggle.  Across the pond "snogging" is making out!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Fresh Friday!

We survived the snow storm!  One thing that made this week fresh was that I was off yesterday and today!  I have been achy from head to know, painful sinuses, and just needed a break, you know?  So this has been great.

Now for my official 3 things that made my week fresh and fantastic:

Receiving this Manduka yoga towel!  I can't wait to try it out!

Looking this skinny!  I have felt pretty bad about my weight lately because I am up about 10 pounds from a year ago.  So seeing myself in this picture makes me think that some of the weight truly is muscle mass and not all candy.

Playing and walking in the snow.  Today was sunny and not too cold or windy.  It was perfect for getting outside!  With snow drifts at 2-3 feet it was super fun to run and jump.  More on that later ;) what 3 things made your week fresh?  Leave your comment below or join the link-up with Kat!

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Larabar wrappers are now recyclable!

Great news!  Larabar wrappers are now recyclable!  They are my absolute favorite snack to have on hand during my work day.  I also keep one in my bag for anytime I am out and about and need a satisfying snack.
Larabar has partnered with TerraCycle and now Larabar waste is recycled or upcycled to create products like park benches or chairs.  So cool!

For more information on where to recycle your wrappers click here.

My favorite Larabars are:

Peanut Butter Cookie
Chocolate Chip Cherry Torte
Cashew Cookie
Pecan Pie

What are yours?

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


As the snow blows it's way towards Kansas City I am at work, anticipating that tomorrow I will get the day off.  We'll see.  JF went grocery shopping and I have some Trader Joe's treats so I think we will survive.  Random fact:  I don't worry about weather anymore.  Funny how being in cognitive behavioral therapy for 2 1/2 years helps SO much!

As I scrolled through the blogs I follow I read Dani's Currently post and was inspired!

So, here is me, on February 20, 2013

I am watching Parenthood on NetFlix.  Finally catching up with the rest of the world.  I am in the middle of season 2.  It's a fun show to watch and the Aspbergers aspect of the show is interesting to me.  Sometimes I feel like the show gets it right, other times not.  Watching also makes me really miss Brothers and Sisters.  I know Parenthood has a mighty following and I don't want to piss anyone off, but it's sort of like Wal-Mart vs. Target, with Brothers and Sisters being Target.  In my humble opinion.

Thinking about...
How I have 10 pounds to lose.  I have been lazy lately.  Not so much with working out...I work out at least 5 days a week.  But I have been lazy with what I am eating.  Not enough raw foods and too many sweets.  Too many bad carbs.  Blerg.  I chalk it up to having bad willpower.  But I don't have bad willpower overall.  I mean...I have the power to run 6 miles, do 90 minutes of hot yoga, a 30 day burpee challenge.  I stay up late to clean my house or am away from home for 8 hours at a stretch to run errands.  I have amazing willpower with those things so now I just need to channel that into not eating cookies.  And pizza.  And Chinese food.  Wish me luck and send pointers this way :)

Absolutely nothing.  I am maybe 10 pages into "A Farewell To Arms" but started it, umm, 3 weeks ago.  Thanks to my iPhone all I do in my free time is Instagram, play around with Vine, play around with MyFitnessPal and read blogs.  I miss reading actual books but can't seem to settle down and read.

Looking forward to...
Making Puppy Chow for Leevs!  I (finally) bought Sunflower butter today and I am going to make it for him.  He has never had it because of his nut allergy so this is going to be a big treat.  He was with me when I bought the sun butter and asked "What if it accidentally has nuts in it?"  I think because it looks so much like peanut butter.  I think once he tastes the puppy chow he won't be scared anymore!

Making me happy...
All of my great family and friends!  It was so nice to see my family in St. Louis over the weekend and receive some really thoughtful and caring birthday gifts.  Hearing from different friends and seeing who is planning on coming to my birthday party is heartwarming, too.

What about you?  Where are you at today?  Comment below or leave a link!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

High Hopes Vegan Bakery Review + Giveaway

I first heard of High Hopes Vegan Bakery, where else, Instagram!  If you are on Instagram make sure to go follow @highhopesveganbakery
Located in Long Island, NY, locals can order treats to be delivered or picked up.  For those that are located elsewhere there is an Etsy shop where you can order treats to be shipped.
This is how I got my goodies and they tasted freshly baked, so don't worry about that!
Cynthia offered to send me a few treats to try.  Could I be any luckier?

I opened my package to find Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies and a Cranberry Cluster!

I can, without any hesitation, say that I have tasted more than a fair amount of chocolate chip cookies in my day.  I am so close to being Cookie Monster that sometimes I think I should be covered in blue fur ;)

The cookies are the perfect mix of crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside.  The chocolate chips are big, more like chocolate chunks!
Sweet enough but not too sweet.  Perfectly sized that one would be enough, although you will want another.
Imagine the perfect chocolate chip cookie.  
This is that cookie!

Looking at and tasting these cookies you would not know that they are 100% vegan.  The meatiest omnivore or the pickiest picker will love these!

Perfect look and taste, you will want some for yourself and to give as gifts.

The Cranberry Cluster is vegan and gluten free.  I don't know about you, but I just love chocolate and fruit together. The cluster has a delightful chewiness to it thanks to the cranberries.  One is enough to satisfy a sweet craving so keeping these on hand can be a healthier alternative to a giant pastry.

Teaching Pilates and being a runner, I am able to afford a few extra calories, but not too many.  I also despise putting the laundry list of chemicals in my body that most store-bought sweets have.
I try to avoid eating too many sweets, but I am also a firm believer that most foods are fine in moderation, and that eating clean, even clean treats, is ideal.  Looking for a clean-eating cookie?  Here you go!

Although I often contemplate being vegan I am a complete omnivore.  I think I will start my quest to being vegan with Vegan baked goods and treats!

Next on my list I will be ordering the vegan peanut butter cups!

High Hopes Vegan Bakery is offering one lucky ready One Dozen Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies! Good luck!

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Social 2/17/13

The theme for today Sunday Social is Valentines Day!  I wish the theme was birthdays, as mine was yesterday :)

Sunday Social

1.  What is the best Valentine's Day you've ever had?
Honestly, they all sort of blend together.  I worked as a server at a fine dining restaurant for years so my Valentine's Days were spent sleeping a little late and then heading into work early.  I loved working Valentine's Day because it meant a full section and big tips.  I would come home and have a heart-shaped Papa Murphy's pizza with JF and was happy.  My absolute favorite, though, was my first Valentine's Day with JF.  He thinks that I hated it, but it was so much fun.  I got off work at the restaurant and went to his house, where he made us pasta carbonara.  I then got a stomach ache, so that's why he thinks I hated it...but in all honesty, the ill feeling probably came from the 10+ chocolate covered strawberries I had eaten at work rather than his cooking :)

2.  What is the worst Valentine's Day you have ever had?
This one.  I was pulled over for speeding and I KNOW that I was going the speed limit.  How do I know?  Because I have been watching my speedometer like crazy since last Tuesday, when I also got pulled over.  I honestly can say I was not speeding on Valentine's Day.  I told the officers that.  I explained that I had just pulled onto the street from a stop sign and I couldn't imagine that I was going 13 mph over.  They more or less laughed at me.  So they ruined my day.  I was having a great one.  Was able to go to both boys school parties.  Surprised them with Shatto milk in the morning.  And a nervous cop + asshole cop team completely ruined my day.

3.  What did you do for Valentine's Day this year?

Quick treadmill workout and mat Pilates!
Painting at EZ's party.
Strawberry float at L's party!

A magical unicorn cookie from JF :)

Pizza for dinner.  Yum!

 It was a crazy-busy day.  I left the house at 9:30 am and didn't return til 8:30 pm.  I taught at the Y and the Studio but managed to squeeze in a workout of my own, get to both boys parties at two different schools, and then have a cozy, pizza-eating night at home.  My kind of Valentines Day for sure.
4.  What is your best Valentine's idea if you are single?
Work at a restaurant!  Trust me, the mushy couples won't bother you at all because they will be paying extra for their romantic meal and hopefully tipping generously to impress their date!

5.  What is your favorite Valentine's Candy?
Toblerone!  Ever since a client got me a Toblerone bouquet one year for Valentine's Day I have been hooked!

6.  Favorite Valentine's memory from childhood?
I can't remember the exact year, but I made a Valentine box using red wrapping paper with tiny white hearts.  I outlined the box with strands of tiny plastic pearls.  I think I used white glitter, too.  Duh!  I loved that box and kept it until I couldn't dust it anymore.

Thanks to Ashley and Neely for hosting the link-up!  Join in!

I want to know:

How was your Valentine's Day this year?

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Friday, February 15, 2013


Most of the time I try to remain positive.  I am healthy, happy, I have a roof over my head, an amazing family, more than one job that I love.  And just the fact that I was born and live where I do puts me in a position to not really complain, you know?
But sometimes...
Sometimes I have a crappy day, get pulled over by a mean police officer, and just want everyone to know that I had a craptastic moment in an otherwise perfectly perfect day.
It's weird, isn't it?  My day yesterday was amazing (I don't want to be redundant so you will have to wait for my post on Sunday to for details) but the one thing that is sticking out is the fact that I got a speeding ticket.  (Mom--I know you are reading this--don't tell dad.)<---yes, I am still on my parents auto insurance.  Don't hate.
So then my thought process takes me to how horrible it must be to be a police officer.  Not only do you go into each shift not knowing if you are going to possibly die or see people die, but you are responsible for ruining peoples days by giving them stupid tickets.  You know they are stupid, too.  Except you have to give them.  And you have to ruin someones day.  So, I am sorry for you, asshole cop.  I was angry at you.  And I definitely exercised my right to free speech, or right to be a bitch, yesterday.  (side note--if I was a different gender or color I would probably have been arrested.  It's not fair, but thank god this attitude came in a tiny, blonde package.)  I realize not all police officers have bad attitudes and I am only angry with you.  I acknowledge that you are employed to protect citizens, but that protection shouldn't come with you getting to be rude just because you feel like it.  But I am trying to take my anger at you and turn it in to feeling compassion for you.  It sucks that you have to ruin peoples days while I get to make their days.  It sucks that you feel like you have to interrupt me and laugh when I am explaining myself.  When my students talk to me I get to listen to them, laugh with them, hug them, cheer them on.  You, officer, should consider taking a Pilates class.  Or Yoga.  Whatever.  You need it.  And it could help you realize that the people you are pulling over aren't out to get you, like you are out to get them.  They are just trying to get from preschool pickup to Grandma drop off and on to a full evening of teaching the most amazing exercise system ever.
Ahhh...I feel better already.

Enjoy your weekend, friends.

Happy birthday to me, tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Balancing Act - 3 moves to better balance!

On a day-to-day basis most of us take our ability to balance for granted.  Head to a Yoga or Pilates class, try to walk on a snowy or icy sidewalk, or wake up with stuffy sinuses and you quickly realize how finding your balance is so very important.
Balance is also one of the main aspects of fitness that I focus on with my aging clients.  Whether you or 20 or 80 why not give these exercises a try to improve or build your balancing act!

Teeter Totter
I think of this as the drinking bird exercise.  

Stand with your feet hip-width apart, toes facing forward.  Arms outstretched with elbows slightly bent.  Think "bouncing a baby."  Relax your shoulders, lengthen your tailbone, and let your weight shift to the right leg.  Keep a slight bend in the right leg.  Hinge forward, lowering your arms toward the floor as you lift your leg up behind.  Slowly return to a standing position.  You can begin by placing your left foot on the floor to regain balance before moving to the second rep, building to not touching the left foot down at all.

fig. 1

The goal is to be able to have the fingertips pointing to the floor and the left leg lifted parallel to the floor.  This is 100%(fig.1).  Begin wherever your balance will let you, maybe at 25% (fig. 2) of the full exercise.  You should be able to slowly move forward and then just as slowly and steadily move back to upright. It helps to count: 3-2-1 forward, 3-2-1 back.
fig. 2

Begin by doing 5 on each leg, adding an extra rep each week.

Star and Moon

Stand with your feet a little past hip width apart, arms lifted to a "T" with shoulders away from ears.  Soften the knees.

Let your weight shift to your right leg.  Lower the right arm, lift the left, keeping the arms in one straight line.  LIft the left leg.  Arms and leg must move at the same speed.

The goal is to have arms straight up and down with the lifted leg parallel to the floor.  Just like with Teeter Totter, take it slowly, only going as far to the side as you can in order to lift back to upright with control.

5 on each leg, adding an extra rep each week.

Chair with Heels Lifted

Stand with your feet 2 inches apart, toes turned forward.
Lift your heels to stand on your toes.  Arms are lifted, "squeeze a walnut" between your shoulder blades.

Sit back like your are sitting into a chair and hold for 3 seconds.  Keeping the heels lifted return to a standing position.  Take your time, slow and steady movements.  If you lose balance, just start again from the beginning.

5 reps, adding an extra each week.

Trainer's Tips:

  • Don't forget to breath!  Inhale and then exhale as you do the movement.  Keep breathing even.
  • Take your time.  As I mentioned above, working at half or even a quarter of the full movement is just fine.  Better to do a smaller movement correctly than a big movement without proper form.
  • Keep your shoulders relaxed.  "Shoulders away from ears."
  • Start by adding these to your day twice a week, working to 3-4 times each week.

Let me know if you try these and what you think!

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Heart Healthy Giveaway

Time for an Energybits giveaway just in time for Valentines Day!
You may be wondering how spirulina algae tabs and Valentines Day go together.
It's simple!
If you love someone you want them to be their absolute healthiest so that you can love them and spend as much time with them as possible, right?
Well, ENERGYbits and SKINNYbits have been shown to reduce blood pressure and promote heart health.  So rather than chocolate, give bits!
Also, February is American Heart Month so it is also a great time to be thinking of heart health and what you can do to stay healthy.

I have had the opportunity to try ENERGYbits and I love them!  I prefer to swallow them whole, but you can also sprinkle them on food or in smoothies or just chomp 'em as a snack.  I felt more energized and felt fuller longer after a healthy meal + bits.  They are not a supplement but an actual FOOD!  Spirulina algae has been consumed for thousands of years and is a COMPLETE PROTEIN that contains all essential amino acids.  It is considered to be one of the more superior plant proteins, good news for anyone needing protein but not wanting to eat more or any meat/animal products. 

From ENERGYbits and SKINNYbits spirulina algae tabs (because I couldn't say it better myself)

Our algae tabs are quickly becoming recognized as the easiest, fastest, safest and most natural way to lower blood pressure and heart disease and are even being recommended to patients by cardiologists. This is because ENERGYbits® and SKINNYbits® are 100% organically grown spirulina algae which is loaded with heart healthy Essential Fatty Acids like Omega 3 and GLA which reduce inflammation in blood vessels. This helps blood to flow easily and heals the blood vessels so blood pressure and the chance of heart attack or stroke are reduced. Swallow (or chew) at least 30 tabs a day to experience all the health benefits that Mother Nature intended you to have from algae. This Valentines Day (and every day), love your heart to bits with ENERGYbits® and SKINNYbits® 

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Extra entry: 

Good luck and Happy Valentines Day!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Let's Be Friends Week 5

Seriously?  I have already been doing this 5 weeks?  Where o where did the time go?
Click here to get caught up!
Beautiful view of KC from the Kauffman Center!

I had a really fun day yesterday with my silver BFF.  Some of you may remember that I have called her my old lady BFF before, but I feel that silver is nicer.  I will have to run it by her :)

We went to see the musical "Hair" yesterday, which, for those of you that don't know, is set in the late sixties and follows a group of hippies dealing with the Vietnam draft.  I remember my mom talking quite a bit about the musical when I was younger and that she had seen it in the height of it's popularity/controversy, so when my SBFF asked if I wanted to go I was excited.

A little backstory here:  A few years ago my SBFF's husband passed away.  It was the same summer that my anxiety was really bad.  That next fall she invited me to go with her to use season tickets to a fine arts performance series that she and her husband had purchased.  That is really how we went from being Pilates teacher/student to friends.  For a while there I hated driving long distances, going out past dark, being far from home and not knowing when I would be getting home.  I always have loved driving so the fact that I was "scared" of it was so aggravating.   It was the anxiety mixed with my low blood sugar and it made me miserable.  So her asking me to do this was a big assignment for me for overcoming my anxiety.  I would talk on my phone to JF or a friend for the 15 minute drive to and from her house.  While we were at the performance I would try to make myself just enjoy the experience.  And I did--I saw greats like Renee Fleming and Joshua Bell--lucky me!

On the road.  No fear!
Over the course of the half year or so I grew as a person and conquered my fears.

Yesterday was a nice moment to step back and reflect on how far I have come.  I wasn't nervous to drive to her house.  I was perfectly fine going to the "big city" and I am back to feeling like the 20 minute drive is super quick rather than torturous and long.
I didn't ask myself if I felt "real" ONE time.  We went to dinner and then shopping.  No panicky feelings  of wondering when I would get home.  I was anxiety-free and felt very much like my old, pre-panicky self.  It.  Was.  Great.

Shopping! onto the questions for YOU.  Since I just shared a bit about overcoming a hurdle in my life, I want to know about something you have overcome.  I know not everyone likes talking about internal feelings, so these answers can be very light if you would like.  A fear of spiders.  Not liking tomatoes.  Becoming more organized...whatever you feel up to sharing.

1.  What is something you used to be afraid of or that held you back?
Being 20-30 miles from home, my blood sugar being low causing me to panic and then, somehow not being able to get home.  I know it sounds silly, but most anxiety sufferers are scared of things that sound silly to others.

2.  How did you overcome this?
I forced myself, slowly but surely, to step outside of my comfort zone.  I went to musical performances with my SBFF.  I made spa appointments and lunch dates.  I emailed my therapist when I wanted to chicken out or called a good friend when feeling panicky on my drive.  And guess what?  It felt great each time I made it home.  And I always made it home.  Just fine.

3.  Do you still have problems with this?
Yes, but not to the same extent.  Before heading out I do sometimes want to "just stay home" but I never let it keep me from making plans.  I think most people would rather be on their couch than out and about, and that is where I am now.  It's fun to go out, I have always loved it and I am pretty much back to that!

As always, thanks for stopping by!  If you are a blogger write a post and join the link up.  Don't be afraid....wink wink.
If you are not a blogger, leave me your answers in the comment section below.

Thanks for being a friend!

I love restrooms at fine arts buildings...such great lighting.  Am I right?

ps-if you write a post and enter it in the link-up box but it does not post, please let me know!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Fresh Friday!

Oh my gosh.  The weeks are flying by in 2013, aren't they?  I can't believe it's already February 8!
I got really exciting news today that a local news program is coming to the Studio next week.  More on that when it happens!

Now for the Fresh Friday Link-up.  To join in the fun head to Katherine's blog.

I would love to hear what 3 things made your week fresh and fantastic, so even if you don't blog for the link-up please leave a comment below!

1.  imadeface app is silly fun!  I tried to make myself and was having a really difficult time.  I hear all the time that I look like Nicole Richie so I switched gears and made it look like her and I think I did pretty well.  What do you think?  Does it look like me?  The reason this app made my Fresh Friday list is because I just realize that it will provide entertainment for L.  He loves making Mii people on the Wii so this will come in handy at ball games, waiting rooms and while shopping.  Anything that gives me extra mommy-minutes is totally fantastic!

2.  My burpee challenge!  I tested the challenge last month but now that I have others joining me it has made it so much more fun!  I love hearing from my friends about how they are doing.  Have you started the challenge?  It's never too late, your day 1 can be when you choose it!  Check it out here!

3.  Star Wars!  I love Star Wars.  I found this out later in life than some.  When 3-6 were re-released in the mid-90's I had never seen them.  When Episode 1 came out I waited in line for tickets and went to a midnight showing, but more being a good friend to Veronica than out of my own desire.  I think I fell asleep.  Oops.  But then Ezman came along and he was obsessed!  We watched every movie 1,000 times.  We watched Episode II the day before III came out and at the midnight showing of Revenge of the Sith I was cheering and crying right along with the other Star Wars fans.
I laugh at Jango Fett jokes.  I want to smack Jar Jar Binks.  I love and hate George Lucas and could talk for hours (or days) about the discrepancies between the trilogies that prove that he did NOT write them in order.  I mean, c'mon.  Obi Wan and Darth Vader come face to face in Episode IV and he just says "hello, Darth."  First, he would call him Anakin.  Or at least Vader.  Not Darth, basically Mr.  Wouldn't he say "Hey, Anakin.  What's up?  Last time I saw you I had just chopped your legs off and you were on fire.  Look how far you've come in your Sith evil plan!" Or at least "Look...R2-D2 is still around, crazy, huh?"
Oh gosh,  I'm sorry.  I'm rambling.  So...the reason Star Wars made THIS week fresh and fantastic is because Levi is not getting really into Star Wars.  Watching the movies, playing the Lego games and with our Galactic Heros.  We have great conversations about Jango and Boba Fett.  About light saber colors.  So I am just soaking up every minute and enjoying having a new buddy to talk Star Wars with.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Let's Be Friends Week 4

Hooray!  It's Monday!  What?  You aren't excited about Monday?
Hmmm, okay.  
I have had a pretty bleh Monday to start, too.
I decided to let E sleep in this morning since he was up late watching the Super Bowl.  I teach a Pilates class near by at 10:30 and planned to take him to school on my way.  When he first woke up he came out to the kitchen to tell me that he thought that JF and I didn't buy enough food this weekend.  I should add that he asked me to sit down and talk about it with him.
Then, when he looked at the clock, it was 8:57 am, he said: "What?! School started 17 minutes ago!  I have specials (like art, music, gym) in the morning and getting there right when they start isn't"
So much for being the cool mom.   So, there's my Monday morning.  But the day has gotten better with an interval run, bright sunshine, and the chance to hang out at home.
PLUS it is Let's Be Friends Monday, right?

This week I want to know about coffee!

Coffee or Tea?
Coffee.  I like tea, the history and ritual of it, the health benefits based on what leaves the tea is made from.  But, I am a coffee girl for sure.

How do you take it?
Black.  In college I drank it black, then somewhere in there needed cream or soymilk or some sort of add-in, but in the last year I have gone back to drinking black coffee and I LOVE it!

What is your favorite coffee house drink?
2% latte
Green Tea Frappucino if I am at Starbucks.  No whip.  Have you had it?  It's matcha green tea powder with the milk of your choice blended with ice.  So very tasty!  

Okay.  Now it's your turn!
Bloggers, write a post and link up in the space below!  If you are having fun with this link-up I would love it if you invite some of your blogging friends over!  Please and thanks :)

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Two things to add:

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Have a great week!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday Social February 3

Hooray!  It's February!
Today has been a beautiful day.  Chilly but warm enough that E and I went for a 1 mile run.  Pancakes and coffee for breakfast.  And now on to my best friends NEW house for a Superbowl Party.  I am not really, at all, into football, but I like friends and food so I am excited.

Okay...onto Sunday Social.

They Come In 2's

If you were stuck on an island what 2 material items would you want to have?

Warm blanket

What are 2 TV shows you would watch over and over?
Kate and Allie
Sex and the City

3. If your house was on fire, what two things aside from family, pets, etc would you grab?
As many pictures as possible and this little wooden box with trinkets in it from the Chicago World's Fair that came from my Grandma.

4. What are your two most favorite articles of clothing?
Gray Target Boyfriend Tshirt and my black leggings.  I would wear them everyday if possible!

5. What two movies that you saw in the past year would you recommend to us?
I rarely see new movies, so pardo me if these are ancient picks!
Conversations With Other Women--it is several years old but I just found it on NetFlix.  It's odd but very good and I find myself thinking about the plot every now and then.

Eek!  A second movie.  Hmmm.  The Queen of Verailles was a very interesting/sad documentary.  It's on NetFlix, check it out!

6. What are your two biggest guilty pleasures?
Sweets.  It's horrible.  I am a fitness trainer, it's my job to be a beacon of health.  But I just love cookies, ice cream, name it.  I try to eat them in moderation and I usually do, but I typically eat something sugary everyday.

Grey's Anatomy.  It is so not good anymore.  They are all annoying and I hate myself for watching the show and still being mildly invested in the plot.  But I can't quit.

I would love to hear your answers to these!  Join the link up here and let me know that you posted OR feel free to leave answers in the comment section below!

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