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I am a Brand Ambassador for ENERGYBits and the entire Bits of Health line.

Bits are tiny algae tabs that are so nutrionally dense they immediatly eliminate hunger and fatigue!
They are food, not a supplement, and only contain one ingredient, ALGAE!

Spirulina algae for energy and wellness.

Chlorella Algae for wellness and purity.

I have added both Spirulina and Chlorella to my diet and feel amazing.   I love that I can keep a tin of bits in my bag and will always be with an energy boosting food source.  Great for when I have a low blood sugar moment.
I have more energy, have seen my endurance with running and working out grow and my hair, skin and nails are stronger and healthier, too!

Benefits for all include:
Anti-inflammatory properties that can ease pain from arthritis as well as many other inflammation issues.
Antioxidants and essential amino acids.
Algae has also been shown to help ease allergy symptoms as well as increase healing and cellular growth.

Click here to see all of the health benefits and which relate to you most.

The Bits Of Health website contains more than enough information about the benefits of algae, but don't just stop there.

Dr. Oz recommends algae!
Dr. Weil does too!

If you are a googler like me, google away!  Ask me any questions you may have, and when you are ready to order head to

Make sure to use the code HEART to receive 15% off!

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