Thursday, September 26, 2013

4 Tips to take in more water

We all know that we are supposed to drink plenty of water throughout the day.  But knowing and actually doing are two different things.  It is so easy to forget to grab a drink or to keep putting it off.
I often find myself thirsty but in my head think "let me just finish this email" or "as soon as I am done cooking dinner" and then I will grab a glass of water.
Here are a few tips on how to drink more:

1.  Know how much you want to take in.  
There are so many recomenddations out there on how much water we need daily.  I prefer to take in a half ounce for each pound I weigh.  So, 60 ounces of water for someone that weights 120 pounds.  Find an intake recommendation that works for you, make a note of how many ounces you want to take in each day, and do it!

2.  Pick your perfect container.
I notice that when I drink from a straw I drink a lot more throughout the day, so a tumbler with a straw is perfect for me.  I never go anywhere without my insulated tumbler filled with water!  There are so many options out there, from wide-mouth canteens to extra-large squirt bottler, that you are sure to find your perfect pick.

3.  Count your gulps.
Fill a glass with 4 ounces of water.  Drink it and count how many gulps it took.  Now, when you are out and about, you will still know how many ounces you are taking in.

4.  Drink and drive.
Water, that is.  Before I leave for work or to head home from work I fill my tumbler with water.  During my 20-30 minute commute I try to drink the entire thing.  This helps me stay hydrated and keep the munchies at bay.  This would also be a perfect way to help you if you are trying to quit smoking.  Replace your cigarette on the drive home with a tall glass of water!

How do you make sure you are drinking enough water?

Do you feel like you get enough or are you constantly thirsty?

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