Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patricks Day from Debby Downer

If there is one thing that I do well, it is ruminating over a completely irrelevant thing, allowing it to make me upset.  This past week, it has been the Irish Yoga graphic.
It has been around for years, it has always annoyed me, but this year I feel like I have to say something.
So, if you don't care or if you personally find the Irish Yoga thing hilarious, go ahead and click on through. 
I will also add the disclaimer that I am a borderline teetotaler and prude. I know this. My idea of a good time is going out to lunch on chicken salad and iced tea. Or if I am out after dark, I like to be home in my pajamas by midnight. When I drink, finishing 8 ounces is an accomplishment. I hate feeling the slightest bit tipsy because I like to always feel in control of myself. I know this is rigid and not "normal" but it's me.
So, here is an example of what I am talking about:

There are t-shirts, memes, real-life re-enactments. Friends have sent this to me. I see fellow yoga instructors, students, studio owners all sharing this, pinning it, glorifying it.
To me, it is not funny at all and actually pretty offensive.  For many different reasons.

1. Okay, so these people drank so much that they passed out, bottles strewn about. Great. They have poisoned their systems so much that their body had no other choice than to shut down to recover. Excellent! Lets make fun of that and also condone it.

2. Think of other ethnic groups and negative stereotypes placed on them. Now make a t-shirt out of it. Or post it to your Facebook page. If you need examples, just let me know. 

3. I will be the first to admit that I am a Pilates instructor first, with some training in yoga. But I am practiced enough to know that the art of meditation and many levels of a yoga practice have nothing to do with drinking so much that you pass out. 

I could go on and on, but I won't. I just needed a place to vent what has been boiling under the surface for quite some time.
I know that my opinion is very rigid and I get that it is a joke.  I just don't find it funny.
It's not cute, funny, or in any way healthy to get drunk. And getting drunk because of a holiday that was started by Irish immigrants in America, to help them band together and have a little happiness at a time when they were treated like second-class humans, is not really that cool. Maybe instead of drinking until passing out we could find something better to do to celebrate the oppressed Irish-Americans of years past. Like watching Gangs of New York in our pj's sipping on kale water.

Am I over the top? I would love to know your feelings. These are mine and I really feel so much better after sharing them. 


  1. I don't think you're over the top at all. I get just as offended when I get that "pie and lattes" meme posted to my wall for the bajillionth time. It belittles my profession and promotes a bias against exercise. Besides, I like pie and lattes, AND Pilates!

    1. Yes, definitely along the same thread. If I had a dollar for everytime I get the Pie and Lattes meme. But, at least people think of us, right? :)

  2. The ways our culture celebrates the 4th of July makes me as angry every year as St. Pat's does to you!! I have never understood why we must celebrate our Vets by blowing things up...the louder the better. If they don't already have PTSD, they will after this holiday!!

    1. Yes, Kresha, definitely with you on this! My father is a Vietnam Veteran and has always stayed indoors on the 4th because he does not like the loud firecrackers. And the money wasted on the displays could be much better spent to better the lives of veterans.

  3. Why do we even celebrate st. Patrick's day? I was thinking of taking the kids to the parade, but didn't want them to be around drunks at 11 am!!!! I tend to agree with you... Thankyou for venting..


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