Thursday, June 19, 2014

Rest. It works!

I hear from runners all the time how they push through pain only to be injure later. I even have a few students that can no longer run at all because of years of over-work and no rest. I cannot say that I have never been guilty of this, but I am trying all the time. That is one of the blessings (and curses!) of working in the fitness industry. I know exactly what happens to the aging body, whether it is from over or under use. I hope to fall somewhere in the middle.

Two weeks ago I ran the Hospital Hill 5K with E and some of our friends. We had a great time, I was the "trainer" and called out when we should walk and run, based on our interval plan. We sprinted, I ran backwards to grab some pictures, and around mile 2 I even clicked my heels a few times. A couple days later my left knee cap was achy and tender. Nothing horrible, but when I sat for too long it felt locked and kneeling was painful. I probably just went overboard on the turning and hopping. 

Photo courtesy of Hospital Hill Run

So, I took some time off from cardio, especially running, and added extra physical therapy-type stretches. 
Over the past two weeks I have "only" done Piloxing twice, cycled 3 times, and did the elliptical once for about 10 minutes. It was so hard to not go for a run, but I knew I needed to take it easy.
Today, I had planned to do the elliptical at the gym, but my knee felt better and I thought it would be better to try running on the treadmill first. And guess what? Waiting really helped!
I was able to run my favorite 10 minute interval training and even finished with an extra minute at a fast pace. That was around 11 this morning and so far, no new pain!
So, the moral of this long and self-indulgent story? Rest when you need to. You don't have to completely stop, but rest. And listen to you body.

My favorite sprint training:
5 minute walking warm-up (I walk at 4.0 at a 5.0 incline)
Run at an easy pace for 90 seconds (today was 6.3)
Sprint for 30 seconds (today was 8.2, with my last sprint at 8.6)
  --repeat this 5 times for a total of 10 minuts
5 minute walking cool down (again, for me, 4.0 speed and I play around with the incline)
Let me know if you try it!


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  2. Good idea to rest in between. Your body knows best when it is time to rest.


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