Saturday, June 21, 2014

Stop yelling at me!

I feel like I am a pretty great Pilates instructor. No, wait. I know that I am. I am highly trained, by some of the best in the country. I practice and I research and I stay on top of my game. But.

I yell.

I have been genetically blessed with a loud voice. It comes in handy sometimes. When trying to get my kids attention in a crowded place. When I was a drum major in high school. Even now, with teaching, it comes in handy when I am teaching a large class or when there is a loud cycle class going on across the hall from me teaching a private session. But, when I am teaching Pilates down the hall from a yoga class, and the yoga class can hear me, not so great. Also, I tend to get louder the more excited I get. So, when I am watching my students progress and really rock out their work, before I know it I am basically shouting at them.
So, my new goal is to try and quiet down, especially in private sessions when there are no other classes going on. Especially when yoga is down the hall. Especially when I am teaching yoga. I love and own my loud voice, but I also need to know when to put it away. In the coming weeks my students may notice that, during a one hour class, my voice may sound like someone is turning the volume control up and down. And that will be the truth. I am going to work to speak softly when needed.
I'll let you know how it goes.

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  1. Just keep on yelling in my classes. You need it especially when you are up against that very noisy bicycle class across the hall.


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