Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Some classes have a beautiful flow to them.  Some don't.  Tonight marked the start of a new 6-week session for my Reformer classes.  In one class I had 3 students.  Two of them new, and one of them brand new.  I like for my students to take at least one private session before starting a group class.  This gives them a chance to learn about the equipment, learn the basic work, and for me to see how their body moves and what cues work best for them.  When a student does not have that first private session sometimes they get frustrated very quickly in a group class.  It also makes my job harder as a teacher ;)
This was one of those nights when I felt like the flow of my class was completely off.  Having 3 students at different levels can be very challenging.  At times it felt like we were creeping along.  At other times, I felt like they couldn't hear me at all!  I fell back on to my Peak training several times tonight.  Stopping to get everyone on the same page.  Using my voice to set the pace for each move.  Even reminding the students "Simon Says", which is a nice way of saying "Hey, listen to ME!"
They all enjoyed the class, had great questions afterwards, and did great, overall, with the cues and corrections.  I can't wait to see how they do over the next six weeks.  Seeing them tonight it is hard to imagine that they will be flowing through the class work all together, but experience has taught me otherwise.  I will share their progress with you!

Instructors--have you ever had this feeling?
Students--have you ever felt like you didn't understand what the instructor was trying to teach you?
What did you do to help remedy the situation?

One last thing.  I know it's Wednesday.  I know I promised Workout Wednesday, where I will be interviewing someone each week about their workout, nutrition, etc.  I have NOT forgotten this and I promise to have it up and going very soon.  I think about it all the time and I am working on grabbing pictures and interviews with my first few people.
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