Thursday, April 26, 2012

On being sick

Even the healthiest people get sick sometimes.  For me, as a Pilates instructor and workout nut, it is so frustrating to take a break.  For one, I hate to cancel classes and disappoint my students.  Also, I like working out.  I like sweating, getting my heart rate up, and feeling my body work hard.  But I have learned from experience to not push myself too hard.  A couple years ago I kept right on teaching through ear and sinus infections.  It ended up in a less than ideal situation that left me with double ear infections, a deep sinus infection, and a jumble of nerves and anxiety.  My body needed a break and was going to get it.

This week, starting Sunday,  I felt exhausted and nauseous.  By Wednesday I had a sore throat and the kind of body aches that go along with a fever.  I headed to the doctor and found out my ears are as close to being infected as they can be with tubes in them.  Plus I am getting over a virus that was causing the sore throat.  So, I cancelled my classes last night.  I couldn't find subs but I still knew I needed to take the night off.  Eat some fattening food.  Get lots of fluid.  So I did.
Today, I was back teaching Pilates.  But left out my normal sprinting practice.  I will teach Reformer and Yoga tonight and that will be it.  I will cycle a bit tomorrow and hopefully be ready for a long run on Sunday.

Being back in Pilates today felt great!  I was a little more tired than normal, but it was nice to workout again.  As a trainer I have seen many students call off because they were sick only to get knocked completely off and never return.  I can see how easy that would be if it's not your job to work out :)
It's scary.  Will you go back to soon?  Will you make yourself sick again?  Every body is different, and if you have a major illness, always ask your doctor first.  But, speaking from experience, you gotta jump right back in!  Take a couple days to recuperate and make sure you are well hyrdrated.  Pick an easy class or an easy workout.  Stop early if you need to.  But most of the time I feel even better once I have gotten that first workout in.

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