Friday, August 23, 2013

How Energy Bits can make you feel

I really do love how Energy Bits make me feel.  Those tiny little tabs of spirulina have helped me to have more energy when running, teaching Pilates, and living my busy mom-life.
As a brand ambassador for Energy Bits I get the awesome opportunity to tell people in person and online about how great adding spirulina and chlorella can make you feel. 
It is not a caffeinated, jittery feeling at all.  Because there are so many caffeine products out there and so many supplements that are filled with additives I have noticed many people are a little hesitant to try Energy Bits. 
One of the greatest parts of what I do is seeing the lightbulb go off as I show someone the nutritional info on bits.  A giant list of the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, protein...all the good stuff.  And then the tiny little sentence:
"100% spirulina, no additives, binders, fillers or preservatives"
That's right, folks.  O N E ingredient.  Dehydrated spriulina.  Or chlorella if you have Recovery Bits.
That's it.  Think of dehydrated apples or bananas...same thing, only packs way more of a nutritional punch.
So, if it's 1 ingredient, will you feel after you swallow a handful?
  • Refreshed.
  • Comfortably not hungry.
  • Like you just had the best sleep of your life.
  • Like you are 18 again.
  • Good from the inside out.
  • That feeling after you have a big, green salad or a fruit smoothie.  Energized and happy!

I also tell people that there have been days where I hit my evening slump, where I could just lie down on my couch and veg out.  But I can't, because I have work, or a little league game to attend, or dinner to make...the list goes on.  So, I will have 10-20 bits, a big glass of water and before I even realize it I feel ready to go.  Not amped up like after a shot of espresso.  But like I am not tired.
From my experience teaching Pilates, where I use imagery and descriptive cues, I know that the more description, the better.  So, just for you, I asked my fellow brand ambassadors how they feel when they get their bits:
  •  Like my body is clean on the inside.
  • Alive.
  • Naturally awake.
  • Focused, productive, healthy!
  • Sustained energy and alertness without the crash of caffeine or sugar.
  • My body feels healthy.
  • A better version of myself.
  • Like I am a couple feet off the ground when running.
  • Less anxious, more calm and centered.
  • Ready to take over the world!
  • Clear and spacious.
  • Abundant with energy that is free and ready to be directed.
Thanks to Ray, Sloane, Morgan, Megan, Leigh, and Jessica for their awesome descriptions! 

A friend of mine said that Energy Bits have helped her step away from Red Bull.  (AWESOME news!)
Another friend forgot her lunch on the second day of nursing school and had 10 bits at lunch and 5 more before her sleepiest class and said that she never felt starving and made it through class with more energy than usual.  

Check out the Bits of Health website for even more information.
I love both Energy Bits and Recovery Bits.  Spirulina for instant energy and Chlorella helps me to stay energized and I notice my blood sugar stays at a good level when I take chlorella.  I tend to get low blood sugar from being so active, so this helps me quite a bit.

Want to know even MORE?

Just ask!  I love to talk algae!

When you head to the website to order, make sure to use code HEART for 20% off!  Every purchase, all the time!


  1. i have never heard of these before, but they sound like a great alternative to regular energy shots and pills.

  2. Great review mama and thanks for the shout out! ~Leigh


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