Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Thankful for my teacher

Last month I went to Yoga on the Steps.  At the beginning of the yoga class the instructor asked us to think of someone that has been a teacher to us.  A teacher we are thankful for.
Hearing the word "teacher" I of course pulled up the names and faces of my teachers...from kindergarten through college.  Some were great, some not so much.  But I couldn't imagine dedicating an entire yoga practice to them. 
My mom.  Well, yeah.  She was my first teacher and continues to teach me to this day.  But choosing her would have felt like taking the easy way out.
JF.  Obvs.  He has taught me how to relax, how to be responsible, how to enjoy the moment and so much more.  But, again, easy way out.
My Pilates instructors?  Sorta weird to dedicate a yoga class to them, eh?
The instructor then said to think of someone that has taught us how to live a better life, how to appreciate the world around us.
Ah ha!  Dr. S.
My therapist.  That is totally who I thought of.  He taught me how to be at peace with my mind and my fears.  I walked in his office over 3 (!) years ago a puddle of anxiety, stress, overused emotions and fear.  And now, 3 years later, I see him every few months and I am calm, confident and able to go about my daily life without anxiety bothering too much at all.  Just don't ask me to go to see The Queens of the Stoneage, k?
But that would be creepy, right?  To dedicate a yoga class to my therapist.  The universe and the energy swirling around me in yoga land may decide to get a restraining order or something.

So, I thought of him, Dr. S, as my teacher, but then dedicated the practice to me using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to better my life.  I dedicated the practice the the teary-eyed nervous wreck that used to patch herself together just to run to Target.  She needed a yoga practice dedicated to her.
I see so many posts--blogs, Instagram posts, tweets, Facebook statuses--with my peers and friends saying how stressed, anxious and overwhelmed they are.  It doesn't have to be that way.  CBT worked wonders for me and gave me a new way of thinking and living life.  It may just work for you.

At the beginning of this post my intention was to mention that I saw Dr. S today for the first time since March.  M A R C H!  I used to go once a week and was terrified when he suggested that we try every other week.  Sure, that was 3 years ago now, but still.  I am totally normal now!  Certified, grade A normal!
I was also as excited to go see him as I was to see an old friend.  So, more advice here.  If you have tried therapy and hated the therapist, keep trying.  Find one that works for you, someone that you can relate to and actually listens to you.
I thought I had new problems to talk with him about.  I am flying quite a bit this fall.  I like flying, airplanes and even airports.  My fear is that I will have a panic attack boarding the plane or in flight and just...freak out.  But it turns out I am using all of my CBT skills from last time just fine.  
More on my upcoming trip soon.
For now, just breathe.  And find a good psychologist :)

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  1. I hear ya...good therapy can make u so much better. I am a huge advocate of it!


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