Thursday, August 22, 2013

Irrational Thought Thursday

This is only the second of these posts that I have done.
I think they are fun because it really helps to hear other peoples what-if's and it can help to feel less weird to know I am not the only one with random fears and worries.
An irrational thought or fear can be fleeting or can take over your everyday.  The latter would be considered OCD.  I have been there, but am fortunately in a place now where my irrational thoughts or few and far between and very fleeting.
We ALL have irrational thoughts or fears.  It is being able to know that it is irrational and improbable that is important.
So, I would absolutely love it if you share yours below.
It could be therapeutic, funny or just plain fun.  Similar to the "5 Random Things About Me" posts from Instagram, except it is a quirky thought that flew in, and right back our, of your head.

My allergies have been really bad this week so last night I decided to try an epsom salt bath.  I know, I know, epsom salts aren't really shown to improve allergies. BUT, they may pull toxins out of the skin, they relieve aches and pains and so I thought it couldn't hurt.
I had also taken two Advil to relieve the aches and pains I suffer with seasonal allergies.
So, what is the irrational thought?
Well, the warm water felt so good (I also tossed in a minty bath salt) and my pain was going away and, I thought:

"What if I fall asleep in here and drown?"

Have you noticed all irrational thoughts start with a "What if?"

I quickly told myself that I would most definitely not fall asleep.  Yes, I was comfy.  Yes, the bath was relaxing.  But I had taken Advil, not Nyquil.  And I am usually so antsy in the tub that I read for 2 minutes, stretch a few minutes, move my neck around and then it's time to get out. 
This was my first official Epsom Soak and I did enjoy it.  The warm water did help to clear my sinuses and my skin feels great.  If the massive amounts of blog posts I Googled are correct, then my body should have soaked in some extra magnesium and had toxins pulled from my skin.  And, I stayed awake the entire time.

Alright.  How about you?
Have any irrational thoughts lately?  Care to share?

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