Friday, October 19, 2012

Me, today

Happy Friday dear friends!
October is flying by for me.  I feel like we are rushing, happily, from one event to the next.  Being busy is good.  The weather is up and down, from beautiful sunshine to clouds and rain, and I am trying to enjoy them all.
Today feels like a good day for a "Currently" post, so here we go :)

Halloween!  I need to make a Creeper costume for E.  I haven't even started.  Eeek!  It requires boxes, printing out lots of green squares and making it up to his specifications.  I think it's time to get started, don't you?

Listening to:
This weeks "This American Life: 24 Hours at the Golden Apple".  The interview with the teenage girls that are at the diner reminds me oh-so-much of myself and my besties way back when we used to spend our nights at Denny's.  I am about half way through this podcast and can't wait to get back in my car to listen to the rest.

Time with my boys.  At 10 and 4 they are just so much fun.  I can really see their personalities, differences, similarities.  Do they try my patience at time?  Most definitely.  But I am trying to just take a breath, stand back, and let them be boys.

How to organize my house and keep it organized.  I feel like I am ALWAYS cleaning, always organizing and I would like to have a better schedule so that I can have some relaxation time at home rather than always straightening up. If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

Today when I get home I will be going through the newest Everyday Food.  I love the Thanksgiving and Christmas issues.  So much yummy goodness!  The cover of this one has a Thanksgiving leftover sandwich.  You had me at hello, EDF.

Revolution.  I am only 20 minutes into the first episode.  So far it is okay.  More of a rip-off of "The Road" than "The Hunger Games."  I am going to give it a try, though.  I am pretty much done with Grey's Anatomy.  I know that everyone I know and love, including myself, is going to die someday.  I don't need to constantly be reminded of that every week by a TV show. I know it's a drama, but I don't know why the story line always has to involve crazy soap opera type plot lines with car accidents, plane crashes and gun men.  Plus I am so over dealing with Christina Yang and her weaknesses.  She's supposed to be the strong one, yet each season has her sniffling and sobbing over something else.  Okay.  I am done.  Unless you want to rant with me.  Shoot me an email!
Oh, and BASEBALL!  The Cardinals have made it to October again this year and I am really enjoying watching the games.  I rarely see regular season games because we don't have cable.  GO CARDS! 

That I could be two places at once.  I love my job(s).  Teaching Pilates, managing a fitness studio.  Helping people move better, live's great!  But, I also really like being at home.  With my boys and husband.  And I feel like I could be much more organized at home if I just had more time there.  I am so fortunate to be able to work about 30 hours a week, which still gives me plenty of time at home, but I often feel like I can never fully accomplish what I need to at either place.

Working on:
Getting on the Reformer at least once a week.  Just for me.  Not only so that I can stay current in the work for my students but I also have noticed I feel and look better when I work on the equipment. (duh!)

A couple fun fall pics:
Amazing yellows!

Which one is me?

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Have a great weekend :)


  1. Nate and I love Revolution. I missed the first couple of episodes, but it's getting really good.

    I agree with Grey's Anatomy. I wish they would just have characters move away instead of dying ): I say this as I'm about to go watch the latest episode! (:

  2. On episode 2 now of Revolution. Ezra likes it, too! I am 2 episodes behind on Grey's...don't know if I will go back. *sigh*


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