Thursday, October 18, 2012

Today I am tired

Do you ever have those days when you are just worn out?  I feel that way today.  My muscles are sore, it's hard to concentrate, and I just would like to sit in bed and watch Revolution.  I'm only 20 minutes into the first episode, so let me know if it's lame and I am wasting my time.
I had planned to run sprint intervals for 10 minutes today, but ended up walking incline intervals for 5 minutes and only running sprints for 5 minutes.  A good 10 minute workout, but 10 less than I had planned.  My legs just didn't have it in them.  A few years ago I would have pushed myself through the entire workout, but one thing I am learning is to listen to my body.  Because of my career I need to be able to be on my feet teaching and have the energy to do it well.  My work is a workout so my workout needs to suit energy level for that day.  I am hoping that by taking it easy today I will be able to do a 4-5 mile run outdoors this weekend.
What about you?  Do you push through or stop when that little (worn out) voice tells you to?

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  1. You gotta stop or it will get to ya! I usually need to take a night and curl up on my couch and watch tv...lots of time I need a whole day a week just for rest...hope you can find it soon!


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