Monday, October 22, 2012

Cooking With Blogs

I love looking to blogs for new recipes.  It's a great way for me to stay motivated with my cooking and to try new and inventive recipes. I typically plan my meals for the week on Sunday or Monday so I hope that this post helps you plan for the week ahead. Today I would like to share three recent recipes that I have tried and loved!

Fried Quinoa

I follow Amy of Buggie and Jellybean not only on Blogger but on Instagram.  So I first saw the post on Instagram and, because of my love of all things quinoa, knew I had to try it.  The fact that it is an asian-inspired dish did frighten me a bit.  I LOVE Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietenamese cooking.  But every time I try to cook it myself...well...lets just say I have burnt things to the point of having a smoke-filled kitchen.  And if I reach the end of a recipe without burning the food, it is edible but definitely not in my top 10.  But I HAD to try this.  The recipe is super easy to follow and mine turned out wonderfully.   The boys loved it, too.  I made it twice within a week's time.  It's that good.  Click here for the recipe and while you are over at Amy's blog check out her other recipes, DYI's and more!

Chia Seed Pudding

Say what?  It sounds strange and looks equally as strange.  Danielle over at Sometimes Sweet shared the recipe that she tried from Trader Joe's.  I like the health benefits of chia but am not a fan of it in smoothies, so I wanted to try this.  I used coconut milk.  After about an hour in the fridge I gave it a few more stirs, added about 2 tsp of honey and some dried berries.  Then I went to bed and woke up to a tasty, odd-looking breakfast.  I also ate it for lunch after I taught 4 classes in a row.  It is satisfying and definitely a good mid-day snack choice.

Orange Chicken

I love slow cooker recipes.  I work on Wednesday evenings but am home most of the day.  I love the feeling of throwing something in the slow cooker that JF and the boys can eat for dinner.  I found this recipe for Orange Chicken on the Six Sisters Stuff blog.  So many good things in one place!  The chicken was really good!  I can't say I would compare it to Orange Chicken from Panda Express, which is fine because that is fried and way to heavy.  Kid-approved, tasty and easy recipe.  I served it with steamed broccoli and a brown rice/quinoa blend.  So good!


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