Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I wanted to do a very quick summary of my experience in the field.  I have so many stories to share about my trainings and experience, but before I start with that, here are the certifications I hold and the training/experience I have:

September 2003  Started working at the YMCA as a Fitness Attendant.  Teaching YMCA members how to use the weight and cardio equipment as well as giving fitness assessments.
February 2004  Became a YMCA certified Personal Trainer
October 2006  Became certified through the YMCA as an Indoor Cycle Instructor
February 2007  Began working as a Physical Therapy Tech.  This job involves working one-on-one with physical therapy patients following the exercise and stretching program provided by the Physical Therapist
July 2007  Became certified through the YMCA as a Yoga Instructor

October 2007  The doors opened for business at the Studio On Main.  I began day 1 teaching Pilates on the mat and equipment, cycle, yoga and circuit training.  
September 2007  Observed Peak Pilates System Level I training as well as MVe Chair training.
July 2009  Received my PPS-I certification
November 2011  Received my PPS-II certification

I currently teach at the Studio On Main.  I am also the manager.  I teach Pilates mat and equipment (Reformer, Tower, Chair), Yoga, cycle, circuit training, personal training and anything else that comes along.  I also teach two Pilates mat classes each week at the YMCA.  I love to talk about what I do and help others get started in the field.  Your questions are welcome!

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*PPS-I Certification covers the beginner/basic mat work and Reformer/Tower exercises and teaching technique.
*PPS-II Certification cover the intermediate mat/Reformer/Tower exercises and teaching technique.

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