Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Workout Wednesday

Hello, hello!  I absolutely am in love with my idea for workout Wednesday.  I can't wait to learn more about the people I know and their workouts.  I am currently working on photographing and interviewing several people.  Because we are all so busy, this is taking longer than I expected.  I didn't want my ginormous blog readership to get angry and think I had forgotten about this post, though.  That might cause mass hysteria, right???
So, please stay-tuned.  I should have everything ready to go soon and once I start I really want to be able to make this a true weekly post.  If you are interested in being featured, please let me know.  You don't have to be a fitness junkie or gym rat to be featured.  Maybe you only do one Yoga class a week or walk whenever time allows.  I would love to feature all sorts of fitness routines and people, so contact me and we can chat.
For today, I will give you an example of what a typical week is like for me:
Monday:  Teach 50 minute mat Pilates class
                Interval run on the treadmill, usually 20 minutes.
Tuesday:  Teach 60 minute Cycle class
                 Teach 2 60 minute Reformer classes (I am standing to teach, which involves spotting and some walking.  I am not working out, but I am definitely not sedentary!)
                Teach 30 minutes of Cycle, 30 minutes of Yoga
  At 1:00 pm I am finished for the day!  Now that the sun is up longer I sometimes catch a 20-25 minute walk while Ezra is at piano lessons.
Wednesday:  Clean the house like a mad woman!
                      Teach 60 minute Cross Training class, if I am lucky.  The past several weeks no one has showed for this class.  Not a huge deal for me because I get an extra hour for management work OR I workout on the Reformer.  BUT, I would love to see this class flourish again.  So, if you are local to Independence area, come check it out at 4:30 pm!
                      Teach Pilates Chair, a 60 minute class on the MVe chair.
                       Teach 2 Reformer classes
Thursday:     This day is NUTS!  
                      Teach 50 minute mat Pilates class
                      Run.  For me.  Sometimes intervals on the treadmill, sometimes a 2-4 mile run outside.  Depends on the weather, my mood, my IT bands and/or my new foot thing.
                      Teach 2 Reformer classes, sometimes 3 if I get in a private session at 3:30.
                      Teach Yoga
Friday:           Teach 3 Reformer classes
                       Teach 30 minutes Cycle, 30 minutes Yoga
                      One more private Reformer session and done for the day at 2:00 pm!
Sunday:         I usually try to run at least one day, typically 3-4 miles.  We also are very active some weekends and end up going for a walk or hike.

Typed up in front of me this looks like a lot, but it's just an average week for me!  I do have to make sure to take in plenty of healthy calories and liquid.  I have found that 4-6 small meals work best for me.  Between classes I also snack on light bites, like chopped celery, mandarin oranges, nuts, or my newest favorite, Raw Rev squares.  They are small but mighty and give me plenty of energy to keep going.  I have definitely fallen in to the trap, in the past, or not getting enough to eat followed by consuming too many calories (not eating at all during a shift, then grabbing a burger on the way home, for example).  When this happens I tend to feel like crap and be unhappy.  It's a balancing act for sure, but I am so very happy that my job allows me to stay active and help people reach their fitness goals!


  1. Wow, I am so inspired! I am looking forward to having more flexibility to workout. It's coming!

  2. Yes, it is! Just do a few simple stretches each day and you will start to notice a difference :)


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