Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How to survive the treadmill

I love running.  I love feeling the breeze in my hair as I run past buildings, homes, grassy pastures and tree-covered trails.  It can be easy.  It can be hard.  During any given run I may feel like singing, dancing, quitting or kicking something.  Usually all of the above.  That's outdoor running.

Then there is the treadmill.  (Insert groaning noise here.)  I get so absolutely bored on the treadmill.  I have friends that can run 5 miles on the treadmill, nbd.  Me?  I feel like I have run 5 miles but then look down at the screen and I have been on for, ummm, a minute and a half.  But there are definite pros to a treadmill workout, like finding a steady pace or working on speed, both of which I need.  And there are days when a treadmill run is the only run possible, whether its due to outside conditions or time constraints.  I have found that if I do interval training on the treadmill it suddenly becomes fun for me and I do not dread it.  For todays Workout Wednesday I will share my favorite treadmill interval workout.

Warm Up - 5 minutes at 4.0 pace, adjusting the incline each minute
Minute 1:  2.0 incline, 4.0 pace
Minute 2:  4.0 incline, 4.0 pace
Minute 3:  6.0 incline, 4.0 pace
Minute 4:  8.0 incline, 4.0 pace for 30 seconds.  At 4:30 head to a 0 incline

Interval Workout - Jog at an easy pace for 1 minute, 30 seconds.  Sprint for 30 seconds.  The goal is to do this for ten minutes, or 5 total sprints.  The pace(s) below is just an example.  You can set the pace slower or faster based on your needs.
5:00-6:30 - 6.0 pace (10 minute mile)
6:30-7:00 - 8.0 pace (7.5 minute mile)
Continue like this through the 15 minute mark.  
You will sprint at 6:30, 8:30, 10:30, 12:30, and 14:30

Cool down - 5 minutes at 4.0 pace, adjusting the incline each minute, just like with the warm up, EXCEPT
Minute 19:  0 incline, 3.5 pace slowing to a 3.0 pace

Trainers Tips:

  • You MUST do the warm up and cool down.  Sprinting is hard work and you want to give your body the chance to properly be ready and then get cooled down.
  • If you are new to interval training you may need to work up to this.  I definitely have my days where I do not sprint all 5 times.  Sometimes I have to walk during the minute and a half recovery period.  Do what you need to do to work up to completing this 20 minute workout.
  • Add this workout once a week to your training if you are wanting to build your speed, burn calories fast, or improve your cardiovascular health.
Have fun trying this!  It has definitely improved my speed and kept me motivated on days when the treadmill is my only choice.

Let me know what you think!


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  1. OMG I need to try this!
    I have not been to the gym in about 2 months and in these two months I have gained 4-5 I need to head back there! I will try this for sure!



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