Monday, July 30, 2012

One Lovely Blog!

Friday was a huge day for me!  Friday morning one of my Pilates heroes, Brooke Siler, included me in her Follow Friday (#FF) tweet.  Just the fact that I get to communicate with her on twitter is so exciting to me, and that she knows that I exist in the Pilates world is mind-blowing!  I often feel very isolated in the Pilates world because there are just a handful of instructors in the KC area.

And then....

On Friday evening I found out that my pen pal and Instagram friend Michele had nominated me for a One Lovely Blog Award.  It was a very exciting moment for me.  I love how blogging and Instagramming have expanded my world!  Michele has a really fun blog, short girl, long island and I never would have known about her, her blog or her really fun posts (like this one about cheese) if it weren't for Instagram.  Funny how these social networking apps really do work sometimes!  We also have just started a little pen pal group that includes women, really, from all areas of the US.

courtesy of Red Stethoscope and short girl, longisland
Once nominated, the nominee gets to nominate three other bloggers.  This is such a fun way to learn about new people and new blogs and I am just so happy to be a part of it.  (Can you tell I am a bit giddy?)
  I read these ladies blogs whenever I see a new post pop-up.  Great ladies with great perspective!  Here are my nominees:

ribollita reboiled - I love Emily's blog because she is located in New York City!  It's fun for me to read posts about how she lives her daily life in a giant city that I have never been too, but hopefully will someday.  Blogs on motherhood, cooking, life in NYC along with her newest journey of working from home fill this blog with energy.  Emily is part of the pen pal group, too!

Big head...little body - Sandra is a mommy of 5 blogging about her adventures in being a mommy, staying organized and balancing mom-life and everything-else-life.  Sandra and I met years ago through mutual friends and have recently reconnected thanks to Pilates and the fact that her kids are close in age to mine.  Our oldest boys love to run, chat and drink coffee together ;) and my little Levi loves playing with the rest of her group when she and I are doing Pilates.  She claims to need a little help with organizing, but this post about how to make summer go more smoothly with little ones definitely helped me out!

IN SIGHT OF BALANCE - Elisabeth is another friend from Instagram, and pen pal, too!  She is the mom of three little lovelies, a Yoga instructor and fashionista!  I love reading her blog because she is so honest about motherhood, how it is exhausting yet so very, very rewarding.  I love her style posts, too.  I mean, who wouldn't want to look like this beauty, right?  I just love her pictures and thoughts about the dailies of being a busy, modern mommy!

I want to thank Michele again for including me!  If you have favorite blogs please share them below and don't forget to head to the above blogs to say hi to these great gals!


  1. I almost cried when I read your part on me. Thank you, sweet on-line pal. I hope we get to meet in real life one day. I think you're awesome too!!!! XOXO

    1. You are very welcome! I look forward to email and pen pal convos with you. I hope we can meet up someday, too. I travel to Texas often for family and Pilates, so fingers crossed!


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