Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Your favorite sweater, three ways!

Okay, so first let me give a little disclaimer.  I am not a super-crafty person.  I can't sew, knit, crochet or quilt.  But I do love crafts.  I am a sucker for anything handmade.  This is, obviously, not a craft blog.  But, just like with my cooking, I would like to share with you whenever I have come up with something that I love.  I do like to try to make different crafts and I absolutely love re-purposing my favorite things.  A few weeks ago the boys had a little too much fun playing ball in the house and the glass from a gallery-style picture frame broke.  I just couldn't bear to throw the wooden frame away and brainstormed on what I could do with it.  This craft combines some of my favorite things:  wool sweaters, glass jars, and upcycling.  It is easy to do and only took about thirty minutes total!

Your Favorite Sweater, 3 Ways!

Supplies Needed: 

  • A gallery-style frame with no glass
  • A sweater - I don't know about you but I have several old sweaters that I can't bear to get rid of because I love the colors, texture or history behind them.  If you aren't a sweater-saver, pick up one at a thrift store in your favorite color.
  • 1 or two jars - spaghetti sauce size works best
  • Scissors
Project One - Frame the sweater!

Place the wooden insert from the frame on the sweater, after turning the sweater inside out.  The sweater I used had a pattern going down the center so I made sure to line it up.  But I free-cut the rectangle--no measuring or tracing needed!

Place the cut out piece of sweater into the frame, with the outside of the sweater facing out.

Place the wooden insert into the frame.  Try to center it how you would like it, but even once you have it in place you can move it around a bit to get it to look how you would like.

And there you go!  Finished product, a cute wall hanging!

Favorite Sweater, framed!
Project Two - Covered Jar

 I love saving jars.  They come in handy for everything from flower vases to crafty projects.  Or even Squinkie storage :)  After I finished my sweater frame I looked at the sleeves and knew what had to be done.

Cut the sleeve off of the sweater.

Place it over your favorite empty jar.  It will make a great candle holder, pen holder, or any sort of storage for extra things.  I hung my sweater frame in my bathroom, so I placed my jar on the counter.  They look quite well together.

Project Three - Make a headband!

I know my friends (and mom) are laughing at this one.  Yes, it is really stretching the upcycling a bit, but, again, I had adorable sweater scraps that I hated to throw away.  For the headband I used the part of the sleeve closer to the upper arm area.  I cut a thin strip, stretched it out, and there you go.  Fun wool headband!  And I match my wall art ;)

If you try any of these, let me know!  I love to hear from you!


  1. Wow! Great ideas! I am totally pinning this!

    What about a project one and a half?
    Use sweater wall hanging as a jewlery display and hang earrings on the sweater.

    1. Oh my gosh! I love that idea! I tried hanging my earrings on my framed sweater last night and it looks so cute. I had another idea, also, of putting band buttons on the sweater, too.
      So many possibilities :)


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