Thursday, July 11, 2013

5 Reasons I Love Energy Bits!

Thanks to Energy Bits and Vitality Bits I have had spirulina algae and chlorella algae as part of my diet for several months now.
These little bits are not a supplement, they are food.  100% dehydrated organic algae.  No side effects, no chemicals, no filler.  Just great algae.  For more info on bits, click here.

I love adding bits to my diet SO much and I am sure I will continue to share, but for today, here are the top 5 reasons that I love Energy Bits:

1.  I never worry about being hungry.
I deal with low blood sugar and when my blood sugar is low, I start to feel "not real."  This triggers my anxiety and it just isn't a fun situation.  I try to pack healthy snacks and to make sure to eat small snacks throughout the day.  But you and I both know that it is easy to run out the door without grabbing anything or to get stuck at a ball game or in traffic and being starving.  Thanks to my travel tin of bits I know that I will always have a great source of fuel with me.  I will have 10-20 bits when I am hungry but not in a spot to eat a full meal.  The bits fill me up, regulate my blood sugar, and keep me feeling great until meal time!

2. Plant Protein!
That's right, algae is really high in protein.  All of the bits contain at least 60% protein per serving.  A steak or piece of chicken typically contains 20-30% protein.  So, not only am I getting more bang for my buck, so to speak, I am also getting protein without eating an animal, something that I am always on the fence about.  So, to all of my vegan and vegetarian need bits in your life!

3.  I have stamina and energy.
When I have a handful of bits between classes or before a workout I feel great.  It isn't a jittery, crazed feeling like energy drinks, etc, provide.  I just feel great.  You know, that feeling that it's your best workout ever, you aren't tired, you just feel good.  And I love that.  As much as I love a good cup of coffee, I hate feeling nervous or overly energized.  EnergyBits are all natural so it's basically like I sat down to a giant salad, not a giant bucket of chemicals.

4.  My hair, skin and nails are so healthy!
I didn't really pay attention to that part when I was gathering information, but after adding bits to my diet I noticed how strong my nails are now.   And how I don't need to put lotion on my hands, that are normally chronically dry.  And my hair is growing faster, it seems...take a look at my roots if you don't believe me :)  It was an unexpected bonus for me and I am really enjoying it!  I noticed the benefits in less than a weeks time.

5.  They come in handy when I am at work.
A typical shift for me looks something like this:  teach a private Pilates session, teach a group Pilates session, teach a cycle class, teach a yoga class, teach a private session.  With less than 3 minutes between each of those it is difficult to grab a bite to eat and I used to end up starving and feeling horrible.  (See #1)  Thanks to bits I can pop 10-15 in my mouth, sip some water, and I am good to go.  It's a meal in astronaut form!  I don't feel very professional, even if my students understand, munching on nuts or carrots during their warm-up.  It is hard for me to talk, spot, etc.  Energy Bits have allowed me to get past this without starving.

Have you tried Energy Bits or any of the bits line?

Do you have questions?  Let me know!  I love talking about bits and the benefits.
Check out the site, also Google away.  I am a googler and before giving them a try wanted to do as much research as possible.  The only negative I can possibly find or think of on my own is that bits taste like fish food.  But you can swallow them whole, so that negative doesn't really count, does it?  :)  

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  1. You know I still haven't tried them. I am getting more and more interested Sally the more you post about them. I think I will have to take the plunge soon.


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