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Many of you have asked me to do a post about Piloxing, so here it is!

I first heard about Piloxing a little over a year ago when an instructor came to me and asked if I wanted to offer it as a class.  
Piloxing is a hybrid of boxing, Pilates and dance.  Created by Hollywood trainer Viveca Jensen to give her Pilates students a great cardio workout as well.
Being the lover of Contrology classical Pilates that I am, I first cringed when hearing about this modern hybrid class.  I also am not the most coordinated person in the world, so the idea of yet another dance inspired class made me nervous.
But we set up a demo class, I put on a pair of Piloxing gloves, and LOVED it!  The choreography is easy to follow.  The Pilates portions of the class really speak to me and challenge me, and it is just so much fun.
My first-ever Piloxing class!
We were just getting ready to add Piloxing to the schedule when the instructor had an unexpected move for a new job.  Bummer.  No Piloxing.  Then 2013 rolled around and my boss decided it was really time to bring Piloxing to the Studio On Main.  She wanted me to get certified to teach it.  Gulp.  Being a student in Piloxing is one thing.  Teaching a dance/choreography based class is a completely different thing altogether! It is so not in my comfort zone to lead a dance class.  The ever-watchful, spotting, form-correcting Pilates instructor.  That's me.  Waving my arms, dancing about, being the Energizer Bunny...not so much.

But, you know what they say, that if it is something that scares you it is probably really good for you...or something like that.
So, I took the training.  And it was fun.  And challenging.  And something I knew I would need to practice.

From the training class.  So much fun!

For each class there are several blocks of boxing, Pilates and dance.  At the end of class there is mat work that focuses on the core and glutes (booty).  Turns out the the order of classical Pilates that I love so much is somewhat there for Piloxing, too.  With required boxing and Pilates exercises that every class needs to include.  A well-rounded mix of boxing for cardio and endurance, Pilates for sculpting and balance and dance for cardio and FUN.  I am always sore exactly where we all want to see improvement:  abs, booty, triceps (good-bye wiggle wave!) and thighs. Wearing the 1/2 pound Piloxing gloves ads a cardio boost and trims and sculpts my upper body. Also, the class is done barefoot and I have seen a big improvement in my plantar fasciitis symptoms.  I haven't had pain for months.
Half-pound gloves to mimic actual boxing gloves.
You definitely need to try the class to really get an idea of just how fun it is.   Piloxing is popping up everywhere now.  Head to to find a class near you!

Oh!  I almost forgot!  I just did a local TV spot about Piloxing.  Check it out!

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  1. great job, Sally! Did you get my e-mail about the sponsor swap?

  2. This looks like a lot of fun! I've never seen a class like this offered at my gym.

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