Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pilates and Running

Hi friends!
I just love doing guest posts on blogs.  It is a way for me to meet and get to know even more of you out there in the blogosphere.
So, a few months ago, when I saw on Twitter that Robin was looking for guest posters I jumped, or ran, for the chance!
Check out my post on Pilates and Running here.

Also, I want to know:

What has helped you with your running?

What has Pilates helped you with?  Do you run faster,  sit more comfortably, hike farther thanks to Pilates?


  1. yoga definitely helps me. :) I need to try pilates!

  2. Hi Sally. I LOVELOVELOVE Pilates!- but I'm burned out of late. My physician told me I needed more cardio so I'm changin' it up a bit- to Zumba for a while. But- it does make me feel more limber and stronger- which I need cause I'm an old lady trying to slow down the clock!


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