Monday, July 1, 2013

Fighting Temptation

On my way home from work in the evenings I pass a brand new Quik Trip gas station that has soft baked pretzels.  A carb-loaded treat that always sounds so good after an evening of teaching.  I have yet to stop and get one and last night, as I was driving home, a tweet popped into my head:
"I am just as tempted as the next person to stop and get junk food.  The difference is that I don't."
A snarky humblebrag that popped into my head but I decided against tweeting.  Instead, I am blogging about it.  I don't want it to sound snarky, I want it to be motivating.  To myself and to others.  It is a testament to my willpower that I don't stop, and sometimes I feel like my willpower is zero.
While I don't usually stop for junk food, I do tend to over indulge in sweets, pizza with the boys and late-night snacks.  I have even talked to my therapist about what I feel is a lack of willpower.
He told me that I do  have strong willpower.  When it comes to exercise.  To fighting and facing my fears and anxieties.  To working hard for what I want.  And, as it turns out, to saying no to drive-thru and gas station fare.  Driving home last night I realized that if I can just eek out a little bit more willpower I can stop defeating my fitness successes with sweet treats and carry-out.
I had planned to not have any refined sugar from last Monday through July 4.  Day one I had a cookie at E's baseball fundraiser.  Day 3 I had a milkshake after L got his 5 year shots.  I don't want to deprive myself of fun moments.  But I know I need to give up sugar for the most part.   Again, I need to squeeze out my last little bit of willpower in this sugary sweet area of my life.  On the other side of that, I don't drink...okay, one or two drinks in the entire month, maybe.  I don't smoke.  I drink black coffee. I gave up soda, again, one or two a month rather than every day.  I guess I feel like having a cookie or a  couple scoops of ice cream is like my evening cocktail.  And I am not sure if that is so horrible.  I think that is why it is hard for me to completely go sugarless.

What areas of your life do you have incredible willpower in?

What area(s) do you need to channel a little more in to?

Do you have an indulgence that you just don't want to give up?


  1. chocolate is my greatest temptation. fresh baked chocolate chip cookies and any kind of chocolate ice cream, to be more specific. i can be completely full, but if someone offers me a cookie, it's hard to say no.

  2. I have great willpower when I am in a routine. As soon as that routine is shot (holidays, sick kids, school in/out) I have to really fill up my motivation tank...your blog does that for me! I also can say no to soda. I used to think I would never be able to cut it out. I also have no desire to eat McDs/BK or other similar fast food. The few times I've indulged it totally wasn't worth it. felt like crap.

    When it comes to "free" food at work I tend to think the rules don't apply...pastries, bagels, candy. My biggest temptations. But everyone knows I am now vegan, so I feel super responsible to not be hypocritical, so I am working on not breaking my rules no matter where I am.

    I have a drink almost every night. A beer, gin and tonic, or even just a tiny bit of Campari in OJ. It's my dessert and it keeps me from indulging in the above :)

  3. Whoa- this is so timely for my Sally! I was really "having a time" this wk/end :p I agree, you want to enjoy life!!!! that's why I like the 90/10 lifestyle :)

    Keep tracking girl! You rock. :)

    Ooh, and I kind of did a post of this same topic . . . check it out and let me know what you think girlie!


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