Saturday, July 13, 2013

My Week In Clicks 7.13.13

JF and I were outside with Ivy last night and came in to find L sound asleep, DS still on, light saber stylus in his summer-scratched hand.  L is known for partying until he drops, right in the middle of an activity.  I love these little moments and wish they could last forever.

I love these Warrior Bracelets.  New words and a sale!

Living a balanced life.

I say both, but advice on picking Pilates or Yoga.

I remember finding out my dear friend had carried a single twin to term.  This post gave me the same fluttering heart beat, feelings of sadness and happiness, that I got back then.  

I met a gnome name Jerry Yardcia and I fancy him.

Mommys and Daddys will relate to this bittersweet post on the "firsts" our children make without us.

I love planning and setting goals!

Homemade Pretzels!

Fascinating (and beautiful) Fibonacci Spiral.

A slice of real life.  I feel like it's a page from my journal.

Confession session.

I can't part with my boys books.  Ever.  

Are we losing sight of what women fought for years ago?

May I be kind to myself right now.  And more on how to not let guilt grip your daily life.

Just 20 minutes of yoga can help your brain!

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