Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Shoot! Don't shoot!

Post shot restroom pic.  The latest craze :)

I got my flu shot today.  I wasn't planning on it, but I had a get-to-know-you visit with a new primary care doctor and at the end of the appointment was asked if I need one.  I typically do get a flu shot each year.  It's not that I really want one.  I maybe have even noticed that I tend to get sick more on years when I have had the vaccine.  But, both of my boys are allergy/asthma kids and we err on the side of caution with them and they get the flu vaccine each year.*  It may sound weird, but, I figure that if something is going to be put into the bodies of my children that I want to test it out, too.  All out panic mode thought:  If, months or years from the, the CDC is like "oh, sorry...those flu shots contained blankity-blank and you are all going to die."  I want to make sure I am going through it, too.
I am always interested to know what other people do when it comes to vaccinations.  I have friends that don't vaccinate their children.  I have been hyper-vigilant when it comes to vaccines, but, have also questioned my pediatrician each and every time and we try to spread the shots out over time so that my boys little bodies aren't being bombarded.  The Autism-vaccine connection weighed heavily on my mind, especially 10 years ago when Ezra was first getting vaccinated and less research had been done.

I would really like to hear some outside perspective.  Not just from parents but single folks, too.  Do you vaccinate?  Do you avoid them?  Why?
Thanks for sharing.

*No one in my family, boys and me, got the H1N1 vaccine in 2010.  I felt that it was made too quickly and that the risks outweighed the benefits.


  1. Vaccines have always been something I'm on the fence about. I always got a flu shot growing up because I have such bad asthma. But in recent years, I've chosen not to get one. I always spread out my kids' immunizations too, although with the two younger boys, I've decided not to have them get certain vaccinations. It's such a difficult choice.

    1. It really is a difficult choice. I have read so many articles on the subject, chatted with friends and family, and then when I talk to our doctor he has said it's absolutely fine and eases my fears. Still haven't gotten the big round of boosters for littlest guy. I feel like it's up to each family to decide, but I have also heard that many school districts "force" families into choosing vaccination.
      The debate continues...

  2. I dont really vaccinate and the only reason is out of laziness/forgetfulness. If they had a clinic or something like that at my work I would totally vaccinate. I have had them before and never had an ill effect from them.

    As for when I do have kids I think I would like them to be vaccinated but I will be nervous about it...I guess I will have to learn more about it first!

    1. It is hard to remember/make the time to get a vaccine each year. I definitely feel like I get them "by chance" when I am reminded by someone else. I have had one at church, at school, at the local grocery store. If it's in my face I will do it :)
      Thanks for stopping by.


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