Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Workout Wednesday V.1

I am so excited to post my first official Workout Wednesday!

Today I would like to introduce you to Callie Streich.

Callie after finishing the 2011 Brew to Brew!

Name:  Callie Streich
Age:  31
Occupation:  Domestic Engineer (love the description for Stay at Home Mom!) and Yoga Instructor.  Prior to her transition into being a Domestic Engineer Callie was a middle school science teacher.
Craftiness:  Little Owl Peep Clothing and Accessories for children

1) What's it like being a SAHM?
I chase my two kids around, try to keep schedules, try to keep myself and the house from imploding, try to teach important life skills, try to have fun...notice the operative word: "TRY" :) Sometimes I think I would love to go back in time for a day and live it up with June Cleaver to see just how she did it. I'm pretty sure I wasn't that put together even before I had kids!

2) On the other side of that, tell me about being a Yoga instructor.
As a yoga instructor, I'm constantly challenged to meet the seen and unseen needs of those in class.  I work to find relevant asanas and to meet my students where they are. 

3) As a mom of two young children how do you find the time in your day to workout?
 Is it the same each day/week or do you find that it's always changing?

It's weird for someone to ask me how I find time in the day to work out.  I have soo many excuses not energy, kids were up during the night, I don't feel like it, "The Office" is on, I have too many other things on my plate, and so on. 

I have been blessed with a husband that is willing to compromise and help motivate either through his words or his actions.  We have worked out a schedule alternating mornings for our set workouts.  I know that if I don't get up, then I don't get the scheduled chance to work out for two more days. If I get an extra workout in on a non-scheduled day, yay!
I feel like I should share that I used to not be like this.  My mornings were sacred sleep-time since I'm a terrible sleeper.  There was nothing you could do to get me up.  If I didn't get a workout in that day, oh well.  I would also much prefer to veg in front of the TV at the end of a long day.  Now that I'm a mom and responsible for the development of two other human beings, I find it uber important to be a good role model for them.  I look at them and want them to love themselves inside and out.  How can I expect them to do that if I don't do it for myself? I've also found that I'm always one workout away from a good mood.

4) What is your favorite type of workout?
In order for me to enjoy working out, I have to have a mind-body connection. Yoga (pronounced 'yoko' if you're my son) gives me the opportunity to reconnect with myself, meditate, and celebrate where I am in my journey...mental, spiritual, physical. I am more grounded after practicing.  I don't worry about not being bendy enough or being pretty when I'm bending :) 

For a couple years, I've had some low-back issues.  After having my daughter seven months ago, I decided to try running.  Why?  I couldn't tell you.  I would run maybe 10-20 yards before having to stop and stretch out my back in random peoples' yards.  I got some pretty funny looks from neighbors.  I'm not sure what kept motivating me to keep going (maybe the screaming baby at home and an excuse to get out of the house?!).  For months I would do this: run a very short distance, stop to stretch, walk, stretch, then repeat.  Even though my back and leg hurt like the dickens when I got home, I felt ever so slightly better the next day.  So I kept up with it.  I now have zero back pain and will be trying my luck at a half-marathon on Sept. 22nd.  Yes, it was very life-giving to be able to work through my back pain, but I wouldn't have kept up with running if there weren't a mind-body connection. It's amazing how often I'm able to find answers to questions while I'm running.  Oftentimes, it's also a place for me to listen to God.

5) What exercise is your absolute least favorite?
Laundry and dishes.

Oh, you mean like a work out exercise?  Anything cardio involving a stationary machine like a treadmill, elliptical, or bike. If I'm gonna get a move-on, I need to see progress!

6) You are training for a half marathon, right?  How have you managed
that training along with your family?  *On September 22 Callie finished her FIRST Half Marathon!  Go Callie!!

Again, that goes back to compromise with my husband and super early mornings. Funny how the compromise was the easiest part.  But once I get myself out the door and running though, things fall into place for me and I've never once regretted getting up.  Well, except that one time I'd had Chipotle the day before and my tummy started yelling at me a few miles from home...but that's another story. And probably one that shouldn't be told in mixed company :)  <------been there!  No fun!

Mommy Callie and her running buddy + her 2 babies right after she finished her first Half Marathon 9/22!

7) Do you have any aches or pains?    
I have learned to welcome healthy soreness as a part of who I am. It's become a reminder for me I'm doing something for myself, which makes me a better partner and mommy.
When waking up at night for the kids or getting up in the morning I have to work through sore feet, calves and inner thighs.  

I mentioned the previous back pain. And I used to also have terribly sore knees whenever I tried to run but have recently changed my form. (I think yoga and running are great practices to help us address structural imbalances.)

8) What is an example of a "human" moment for you?  Meaning that you aren't thinking like a Yoga instructor.
Even though I teach yoga and like to run, don't think I don't notice when others can do more than me or know more than me. Yup, there are times when I think I'm not good enough. But when I recognize this happening, I take a moment to do yoga or go for a run on my own and I'm able to reflect on how far I've come...and that's all that matters!

9) What do you eat?  Do you follow a specific diet plan?  When you are having a treat what's your favorite?

I have had an interesting journey with my nutrition choices.  Currently, under the advice of my chiropractor David Black at Core Wellness in Lee's Summit, I am eating gluten-free and if I choose to eat meat, it is grass-fed and finished and (my rule) humanely raised and harvested. Yes, that means when we go out to eat I usually stick to wild-caught fish or no meat.  I have a hard time looking at a yummy steak without thinking about the life of the cow and the journey of how that tasty morsel got to my plate.  That's usually enough to curb me from eating it, especially knowing I can get something much better for me elsewhere. (Seriously, watch Food Inc. and you'll hopefully get a better understanding where I'm coming from.)

I also have a well as a sweet tooth...which at first was a challenge going gluten free.  I have found some insanely delicious recipes (all free!) on the internet that help me feel like I'm getting a treat.  Currently, I've been noshing on some beet brownies (Yeah, beets!! You can't even tell!!).  If you're interested in some of the recipes, I like,, and

Here is a sample of a workout that Callie does:
Interval Training
Incorporate hills and speed work with distance.

  • Tuesday and Wednesday 4 miles, 
  • Saturday 6-10 miles. 
  •  1-2 more days with the kids in the double stroller and run/walk 2-3 miles at a local trail.
  • Core work:
    • Plank: 45-60 seconds/3 times
    • Side Plank (one arm) 45-60 seconds each side/3 times each
    • Bridge: 45-60 seconds/3 times
Thank you SO much to Callie for sharing a little bit about her daily life and her workout plan.  I definitely could relate to many of her experiences, and I love the term "carb tooth"!  I definitely have one.

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