Monday, September 10, 2012

Sunrise Tai Chi + a Giveaway

Up until last summer I had only heard of Tai Chi but never had tried it.  I interviewed an instructor interested in teaching at the Studio and he gave a sample class.  I really enjoyed the flowing movements, breath work and the fact that to do the movements properly you need to be completely focused.  Just like with other mind-body exercises (Pilates, Yoga) Tai Chi requires not only physical ability but mental focus.  That is not to say that you need to be in perfect health to practice Tai Chi.  The gentle flow of the work allows all ages and skill levels to participate.  Once I had that first class I wanted to learn more.  I was asked several years ago to be a reviewer for YMAA Publication Center and this past year was lucky enough to receive "Sunrise Tai Chi" to read as well as the companion DVD.  The book provides so much information on how, why, and when to do Tai Chi.  What moves are helpful in aiding what ailments.  How to breathe and move efficiently.  From walking to sitting there is a detailed explanation, along with pictures, on how to implement Tai Chi into everyday life. The book is very easy to understand and after leafing through it just once you will have a better understanding of the work. The DVD has sample workouts to enhance what you have read.  Whether you have done Tai Chi before or you are brand new this set will be helpful for years to come as you practice Tai Chi.

I am so excited to offer my first giveway!  I have teamed up with YMAA Publication Center and will be giving away the book "Sunrise Tai Chi: Simplified Tai Chi for Health & Longvity"by Ramel Rones.  Ramel Rones is a martial arts gold medalist, a disciple of Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming who is a world-renown author, scholar, and teacher of Chinese gongfu.   Ramel Rones works as Scientific Consultant of Mind/Body Therapies at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute and the Harvard and Tufts Medical School.  His current research includes studies on tai chi for rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, prostate cancer, and cystic fibrosis. book also has a companion DVD!
This book gives wonderfully simplified explanations of the mind and body aspects of Tai Chi.  You will learn how to calm your mind, control your breathing and how to move your body properly.  The DVD features 20, 40 or 60 minute workouts.
Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art that promotes relaxation, proper breathing and flowing movements.  Practicing Tai Chi will not only help with flexibility, breathing and movement but is also said to prevent injuries, boost the immune system and provide relief of pain from chronic conditions such as arthritis and osteoporosis.

I have had the opportunity to try Tai Chi and it was a very relaxing and rejuvenating experience.  I became more aware of how to carry myself and how to use my breath to carry out various movements.

For the giveaway I am going to be trying out Rafflecopter for the very first time!  I have used it as a blog reader and I think the process is fun!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

*YMAA Publication Center provided me with a free copy of the book and DVD to review, I was not compensated in any way, and all opinions of the Sunrise Tai Chi book and DVD are mine.*


  1. I am enrolled at Tai Chi class at Studio on Main and my instructor is Josh Roberts. I find that Tai Chi helps with my breathing and develops my symmetry and balance between strength and flexibility. It also loosens and strengthens my muscles, tendons, and ligaments. I am still recovering from a fall and Tai Chi has certainly helped me. The program is geared for any age and can be done sitting or standing.

    1. Glad to hear that Tai Chi is so helpful for you. Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. Yay, your first giveaway! The blog pointers I sent seemed to have worked - noticed all of the goodies on Instagram, hehe! I've always wanted to try Tai Chi, but I'm too lazy. :( If I win it, i'll have to blog about it!

    1. I am so excited! Yes, your pointers have helped immensely! I really enjoy doing Tai Chi but have a hard time making it to an actual class since I teach nearly 20 hours each week. The book was great for home practice :)


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