Monday, March 25, 2013

My weekend in pictures (and a video!)

The weekend started with a Friday evening egg hunt.  Held inside at the local YMCA it was perfect because of the cold and snowy weather.  E deemed himself to old to hunt eggs (but not too old to eat his brother and buddy's candy.)  Levi had so much fun hunting for eggs in the nursery where he plays when I work out.

I love having Saturdays off, but I also love the chance to sub!  Saturday students are always in such great moods and it is always a joy to share classical Pilates.

Lots of snow overnight Saturday to Sunday made for a pretty drive to my 6 week intro class.

The gorgeous view from the fitness room.

When Sunday looks like ^^ this, your class will probably look like this: 

But that 's okay.  I went through the complete intermediate classical work and ran a mile on the indoor track.  I was also bored waiting for students to show up and snapped lots of pictures.  And made a couple Vine videos.  Below is what happens when you leave an energetic Pilates instructor unattended.

 How was your weekend?  

Did you get snow where you are?

Egg hunts last weekend or coming up?


  1. Luckily, it did not rain on the west...but did not do egg hunt either.

    Happy Monday :)

  2. Girl, you are so cute!


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