Thursday, March 21, 2013

Overnight Steel Cut Oats

Why is it that some of the healthiest, yummiest food looks...well...not so pretty?
Today, my recipe is one of those.

I just LOVE overnight recipes.  It feels like Christmas Eve or like waiting for the Tooth Fairy!  Mix a few ingredients together and wake up to magic!  Or breakfast.

1 cup unsweetened almond milk (or your milk of choice)
1/2 cup steel cut oats
Optional add ins:
1-2 tsp sweetener of your choice (I used honey, but maple syrup, agave, raw sugar--all would work great)
A few shakes of cinnamon

Place ingredients in a bowl, stir, cover, and refrigerate overnight, but will taste even better 48 hours later!

For my bowl I added a mashed banana and about 1 tbsp of sunflower seed butter.  Microwaved for 30 seconds and *bam* a super tasty and comforting breakfast.

What add-ins are you going to use?

Does this count as a "raw" recipe?

And, now, I would like to interrupt this blog post for a moment of cuteness and real talk:

Have you seen this?  Eeeep!  Or, rather, Peeeep!  It is so cute but also so very true!  Maybe I am just having a girly/mom moment, but seeing this on GMA this morning made me want to tear up.  And re-post on Instagram.  And now blog about it.
We really are all the same on the inside.  

Pink, green, turquoise, mint...we are still marshmallow fluff on the inside!


  1. Ahh I bet when you wake up the smell of steel cut oats in the microwave is amazing...I am a huge fan of them and that reminds me i have to get back to eating them!

    1. It was so great! By morning 3 the oats were so good. Definitely going to be a staple from here on out. At least until I can get farmers market berries!

  2. Yum! We do this with just water to save time in the morning, but I'll have to try it ths way! Much more attractive (no the nose anyway!).

    1. I have never tried it with "just" water. Do try it with your choice of milk-type-product :) SO good!


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