Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Not Workout Wednesday

So I am sort of stuck.
Not because I don't have any posts or ideas for posts.  I have some great posts ready and waiting and a few really great spring fitness ideas.
And a few recipes.
But, I am stuck because I don't know if I should post them yet.
A few weeks ago I vented about feeling like my blog isn't reaching as many people as it could/should.
I was given lots of helpful hints in the form of acronyms I had never heard of, blog sites that scare me, and host sites that scare me even more.
I mean, I dropped out of journalism school.
The last computer class I took involved typing and just a smidge of spreadsheet stuff.
I know nothing about HTML.  SEO.  FTP.  WP.  WP self-hosted.
Blerg! I stay here where I can just sort of float along, post some pretty good content that gets viewed by a great core group of readers?
Or do I branch out and tackle something that I know nothing about?

I haven't been posting much of anything lately except for link-ups because I am "saving" my good stuff for when I move.  Or don't move.

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