Friday, March 1, 2013

I was on TV!

I am a total cheeseball and I know it.  I love to see my name in print and watch myself on TV.  Any chance I get to promote the studio I work at, or Pilates in general, I am happy!
This was not the first time that I have been on the local news to promote the Studio, but I honestly think this was the best.  It is great to go to the station and do a spot, but it is way more fun and informative when they come to us.
On February 13 Kansas City Live came to record an MVe chair spot.  Yes, I love being on TV, but it was very nervewracking wondering what they would pick to air.
We did an interview, a full class, and some of the students were interviewed as well.  All-in-all about a 90 minute experience.  So, to whittle that down to a 3-5 minute piece left me wondering what would be shown.
I was so thrilled with the end piece!  They even mentioned how we have a spa-like setting for getting your sweat on, something that we feel great about.

A piece of advice:  When in doubt, always paint your toe nails.

The day we were set to record I was very busy.  It was Ash Wednesday.  I had to do drop-offs at two schools.  Take a shower.  Get to the Studio early to set up.  Phew!  And I had naked nails.  I contemplated not painting them.  I mean, really, how vain of me to think that my toes would be the center of the news piece.  But, I took the 10 minutes to paint them.  No base coat, just color and quick-dry top coat.  And guess what?  2 minutes.  Seriously, 2 minutes, into taping the class the camera man came by and did a close-up of my feet on the MVe chair foot bar.  Happy dance in my mind for taking the time to polish!  In case you are wondering, mine are the purplish-brown toes.  My favorite color:  Foie Gras from the China Glaze Hunger Games collection!  Woop woop!

Alright, without any further ado, here is the television spot:

What do you think?  Do I need to tone-down the excitement in my voice?

Would you try MVe Chair?

Can you tell I was standing on yoga blocks for my interview?

Have you been on TV?  Do you love it or hate it?


  1. Cool Dude!! I need to get out there to take a class sometime soon!

  2. Awesome Sally! Great job actually, most people talk really fast on tv and you had a good pace...I wouldn't change a thing! Oh and yes I would try it, I try just about anything so it would be interesting to give MVe chair a go

    Heheh you were on yoga blocks? I had no idea actually :P

    I have been on tv and the radio...I get nervous but I just take a deep breath and go with it, you did such a great job you should go into pilate DVDs!

    1. Thanks for watching! Hopefully someday I WILL have DVD's :)

  3. The clip isn't showing up!!! I can't wait to watch it :-)

    Btw, it's Fresh Friday -- i think this definitely counts as something FRESH and FANTASTIC!!!! :)

    1. The clip doesn't show up when I am on my phone, but it should be working if you are on a computer...huh.
      Thanks for stopping by!
      I ran out of time this Friday, but I will be back for FF next time!


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