Monday, November 12, 2012

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Shadow picture obsessed.

This weekend was a great example of Missouri weather.  On Saturday is was windy and warm, we went for a hike at a local nature trail.  We tend to do this quite a bit in the fall and then the spring, and as we are walking in the fall, I always tell myself that we should try to go for a couple winter hikes.  Bundle up and head out to see what the woods look like when all is cold.  Hopefully we will get a chance to do that this year.
My boys!

Yesterday was rainy and very cold, with a high only in the 30's.  About a 40 degree difference!  That was just fine because Levi spent most of the day in bed.  He woke up tired, clammy and pale.  No, it most definitely wasn't a stomach bug.  It was his birthday party bug.  It seems like Levi must have an allergy to food dyes.  The day after nearly every birthday party he has been invited to since he was eating solid food he has displayed stomach bug symptoms.  Sometimes he actually gets sick, other times he just acts like he is going to.  Either way, he usually recovers by the end of the day.  With his nut allergy I hate to think of having to limit him from yet another "fun" food, but it looks like we are going to have to be really careful when it comes to colors and dyes, especially in icings.

I had the opportunity to sub 2 yoga classes in the last 24 hours.  It is always interesting to me to be the sub.  At the Studio, as the manager, most of the students know me and we exchange friendly conversation before class.  When I go to a new location to sub, none of the students know me.  They barely make eye contact.  And I know what they are thinking:

  • Who is this lady taking over for my instructor?
  • Does she know what she is doing?
  • Is she going to kill us with extra-hard moves?
  • Is this going to be a waste of time because her class is going to be super easy?
I am totally fine walking in to this.  If I am subbing Pilates I LOVE the fact that most people in this area have not done classical Pilates and they are usually blown away by my method of teaching.  When it comes to subbing yoga I tend to take a really, well, yoga approach to the class and assume that the students know more than I do about the class.  I tend to follow their lead when it comes to the set-up of the room, the pace of the class and how long I have them hold poses.  I add my posture corrections (shoulders down the back, watching knee placement like a hawk) and give the class my own touch, but try to stay true to what they are used to.
I am always blown away by how I am treated after class.  Students that were quiet and shy before class become talkative, appreciative and sometimes have a whole laundry list of questions, which is really fun.

It is great to teach to a room of familiar faces but it is great for me as an instructor to step outside of that comfort zone and teach to a room of new people, answering new questions and sharing my approach to fitness.

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