Monday, November 5, 2012

Keep Your Strength With You - Endorphin Warrior

I am so excited to share with you about Endorphin Warrior.  Endorphin Warrior offers jewelry and clothing that is designed for active individuals.  Among their product line is the Warrior Training Bracelet.  These bracelets are made to wear while working out...running, cycling, hiking...whatever your passion is, take your bracelet along with you.  This is a perfect fit for me.  I work out nearly everyday, and as a fitness instructor it's hard for me to accessorize because I am always moving or sweating.  The great people at Endorphin Warrior let me pick out a bracelet to try.  It was very difficult to choose which word I wanted.  From single words like "Relentless" and "Focus" to bracelets to celebrate your training with "13.1" "26.2" among other distances, it was hard to pick just one.  I decided to go with "Strength."  For a bracelet that I will be wearing everyday, while running and teaching and so much more, it will be nice to be reminded that I am strong.
The bracelet is made from natural leather and nickel-plated metal tag that is securely riveted to the leather band.  A snap closure keeps it all in place.
I have been wearing my bracelet for about a week now and I absolutely love it!  I love that I have my own statement piece to wear while working.  I love that I can keep it on while working out.  I LOVE that I can glance down at my wrist for a little pick me up.

After spending time on the website, looking at the different products, I have realized there is something for everyone.  Whether it's a leather bracelet with "Warrior" on it for a Yoga fan, a "Swim Bike Run" cord bracelet for someone training for their first Triathlon, or a "Courage" pendant for someone facing a difficult situation, I feel like Endorphin Warrior is the perfect spot to go to for an inspiring piece of jewelry or apparel to celebrate yourself or someone you love.

Because I love the bracelet so much I have decided to become an Endorphin Warrior affiliate.  This is my first time ever stepping into this world and I am very excited about it.

Endorphin Warrior is sponsoring a giveaway just for Forward From The Heart readers!  One lucky warrior (winner) will receive a Warrior Training bracelet to pick out ANY of the words/phrases you see on the site.  How cool is that?!  Once again, I am going to use Rafflecopter to take and track entries.  Please know that neither Rafflecopter nor I will share your information.  It's only for the sake of tracking entries.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I freaking love these guys!! I have entered before in another contest to win for myself. But, if I won here, I would give the bracelet to a very ill family member. I would either get strength or courage.

  2. These bracelets are awesome!! I love the Fearless one :)


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