Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Workout Wednesday V5

Today for Workout Wednesday I will be featuring Ed Henry.  I have gotten to know him through the blogosphere as a runner, foodie and lively adventurer.  I have had my blog for just over 6 months and I am really enjoying the people I meet because of it.  Ed is a great example of one of those people.  After we chatted for this post I definitely want to try running in a blizzard (maybe) and I am thinking of joining an adult sports league...something I never would have thought of for fitness!

Name:  Ed Henry
Age:  29
Location:  Seattle, WA
Occupation:  Biologist
Fun Stuff:  Married with no kids (yet) but have an English bulldog.  Spent the past 3 years living in Alaska, just moved to Seattle.  Runner and aspiring foodie.  Visit Ed's blog  He currently has a giveaway going where you could win a ton...okay, 1 quart...of coconut oil, so make sure to enter!

1)  What is your favorite form of exercise?
This would have to be running. There is something about getting outside and hitting the trail or road. A close second is biking and swimming. I enjoy cardio the most because it is something I easily understand and can do at anytime. I am still intimidated by strength training, even though I have enjoyed it on occasion when I understand the program I am utilizing.

2)  Do you lift weights?
Yes. I have started a brand new program from the book “The New Rules of Lifting”. After spending a couple of years doing nothing but cardio, I now understand that strength training is important. I am starting out very slow since I don’t have a spotter or a personal trainer. Time will tell if this will be something I can truly benefit from.

3)You live in a chillier area and have lived in colder climates for a while.  What are your tips for:

     *  Staying Motivated when it's cold outside and all you want to do is hang out on the couch?

I have two tips for this.

Buy proper gear for the climate you are in. If you know all you are going to do is go outside and get soaked or freeze you won’t do it. I use to run in a hoodie and track pants that didn’t fit. This made getting outside not that appealing at the time. Once I upgraded to proper shorts or tights and a nice running jacket I started to really get into training.

Train with someone that is way more motivated than you. I realize this is a luxury that not everyone has and since I have moved to Seattle I have lost that aspect in my training. But when I use to say the weather sucks and not want to go, my co-worker Eric would say, screw that it will be more fun in the blizzard. I would then find myself enjoying the run and even love the fact that we would be covered in ice when we got home!

     * Dressing appropriately for an outdoor workout.  What to bring, what to leave behind?

The key to this is layering. You have to be able to add clothes when needed and strip when it is too warm. Even when we use to run in blizzards I would find myself taking off gloves or my facemask when we would get behind a hill that blocked the wind. Being comfortable is key and layering is the way to do it.

I would always bring on my runs in the winter a facemask, beanie, and gloves. I would put them on and take them off as needed. A good coat with lots of pockets is key to store all this extra gear. Sunglasses are always important too, unless it is at night of course.

What to leave behind? Hmm this is tough because once it is left behind you don’t have it, so then it is useless right? Well the only thing I can think of is if you are running less than an hour I would always leave my water behind. I would get thirsty on those runs but that could be remedied when I got home anyways.

4)  Do you do any form of mind-body exercise, such as yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi?
I really enjoy yoga. When I use to come home from Alaska to Seattle I would have months off from work and would go to yoga three – four times a week. Now that I am working in Seattle I don’t have that luxury. I find that yoga is a great way to stretch and limber up, and I am someone who needs that desperately. It is also a good way to strength train if you are not into weights, which may be an option for me in the future.

5)  Do you keep a regular workout schedule each week or does it vary based on how busy you are with other things?
My workout schedule has varied big time in the past 4 months. It is spontaneous and all based on my schedule with work, home life, and what I have going on. I am going to try to put my foot down soon with that and get some sort of normalcy soon. Starting a new job, buying a house and creating a new routine isn’t making it easy, but I will get there shortly.

6)  Do you find it easier to work out before or after work?
For me it has always been after work. I am not an early riser even though my work requires it. I want to be able to get up in the morning and work out, but I just don’t think it is in my DNA.

7)  Do you fill your weekend with fitness or take those days off?
Both. I would ideally always have my weekends filled with a nice hike, trail run, or even a good long swim. But I also love filling my weekends with relaxing and spending time with my girls. I think the latter takes priority, but we have plans on how to combine both worlds.

8)  Do you follow a pretty strict diet?  What does your daily intake
typically consist of?
I use to be strictly primal. When I did I felt great and looked the part. Since I came back to Seattle I have dropped the primal lifestyle and have not restricted my diet. That is starting to take it’s toll.
My wife is vegetarian and I am not. That can cause difficulties with meal planning, but we are starting to work together to find a diet we both can maintain and use. I am planning on writing about this journey soon on my site.  Usually I only eat breakfast lunch and dinner. If I need to snack at work I have a Lunabar or some almonds. 

9)  When you splurge, what's your favorite treat?
Ice cream! Seriously I can never turn it down.

10)  What is one thing, in regards to your health and fitness routine, that
you feel you need to improve?
Strength training! I have to learn how to hit the gym and build muscle. I do realize like running, it will take time and focus.

11)  Do you have a plan on how to improve it?
Yes. I am following “The New Rules of Lifting” and starting from square one. I am also taking my time and learning how to do it right. I may also get a personal trainer for a time or two; may even join cross-fit if a deal comes along.

12)  Any upcoming fitness events?
 I plan on doing my first non-Alaskan run in the near future. Probably a 5k. I would also like to get out on a few more hikes before the snow falls here in WA. Would like to join an adult soccer league for the spring or summer of next year.

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