Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Hangover

Happy November 1st!
What a day Halloween is, huh?  It is SO much fun to watch my kids get dressed up, run around the neighborhood and grab candy.  If you are like me, though, your sweet tooth takes over and you end up grabbing a few too many pieces of candy.

I am going to spend November and December posting tips on how to stay  on track with healthy eating during the holiday season.  I am sure I will mention this nearly every post, but keep this in mind:

One meal, one day, will NOT make you gain weight.

A splurge every now and then is normal.  It's okay.  It's human.  It's when we let that one meal or one day turn into several days or just take over our eating habits all together.
So, you had 20 mini candy bars yesterday plus a cheeseburger from the drive-thru.  Not the best choices, but  lets talk about how, today, you can pull yourself together and get right back on track!

  1. Start your day with water.  And continue the day getting plenty of plain, old-fashioned H2O.  Your body needs water to help flush the extra sugar, sodium and chemically goodness from your system.  Drink a full glass before doing anything else and then continue to stay hydrated all day.
  2. Don't starve yourself.  It's tempting to think about cutting way back the day after a holiday.  Our bodies may not even feel that hungry after a day of over-indulging.  But depriving yourself now will only lead to more cravings and bingeing later in the day.  Eat small meals and snacks throughout the day.
  3. What to eat?  Pick lots of fresh veggies and fruit, along with lean protein and even nuts.  Whole grain bread or crackers.  After all the sugar yesterday your body is bound to crave it today.  Have some berries or a banana to get a natural source of sugar rather than the candy bar counterpart.
  4. What about the leftover candy?  The bowl of leftover candy is calling your name.  Your child's trick or treat sack is chasing you around the house.  I get it.  See candy.  Get candy.  Right?  So, banish it.  There are plenty of options for getting candy out of the house.  Have your kids place their trick or treat bags out of site--in the pantry or cupboard--which will be good for you and them.  The leftover bowl of goodies?  Make care packages for local shelters or our troops over seas.  Take it buy your local police or fire station.  Even drop it at your favorite restaurant.  Trust me...servers are always hungry!  I hate being wasteful, but if it comes down to it, just throw it out.
  5. Burn those calories!  Take a walk, go to a Pilates class (hint, hint) or do your favorite form of exercise.  You have all of that extra carbalicious energy stored up, so use it!  You may just find that you have a little extra oomph to give to your workout today!

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