Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Workout Wednesday V4

Today you will get to know Kim Sickels.  She was the first person I asked to be featured in a Workout Wednesday post and we have been chatting about her post since last spring.  Kim is an amazing person and trainer.  Kim is an instructor at the Studio On Main and an all around fitness buff.  In the several years that I have known Kim she has been relentless in her pursuit for physical fitness and continuing education as an instructor.  She is always challenging herself with new classes and workouts and inspires me to try new things.

Shave the Head!

Name:  Kim Sickels
Age:  Just turned 50!
Occupation:  Auditor for a life insurance company
Fun Stuff:  Kim was modest here and put traveling, but I am going to go ahead and add that she is a fitness trainer with a basket full of certifications with Pilates, Yoga, Kickboxing and Cycle just a sampling of what she can teach!

1) How long have you been working out?
All of my life.  I started with high school sports and kept right on going.

2)  What is your favorite workout?
Bootcamp.  Currently my favorite is boxing.

3)  What is your least favorite workout?
Strength training.

4)  You are a busy person.  How do you find time for your own workouts?
It's a struggle.  I try new things, like Pilates Reformer and boxing to stay motivated.  Being in a group class definitely helps me by putting it in my schedule.

5)  How do you stay motivated?
Knowing that not working out is much worse.  I workout now so that I will be healthy in the future!

6)  Do you keep a set workout schedule each week or do you mix it up?
I mix it up each week to fit my day/week.

7)  Do you follow a strict nutrition plan?
No.  But I need to!

8)  What is your favorite healthy snack?
Hummus and cucumbers or a green smoothie.

9)  When it's time for a treat, what do you reach for?
Cereal.  Capn Crunch...sorry!  Or Rice Krispy Treats.

10)  Pick One:  Crossfit or Kickboxing.
Kickboxing.  Crossfit is strength training and that falls into my "least favorite" category!

11)  You have been taking Pilates Reformer classes for over a year now.  What do you love about it?
Sally!  I know it's good for me and I can see flexibility results that no other [exercise] has given me.
**Eep!  Thanks, Kim!  I LOVE having you in class!  You keep me inspired as an instructor!

12)  What is one goal, fitness or nutrition related, that you have?
Always trying to improve my eating and cooking habits.  And to stay moving.

Kim and her friend Jean on the left.
Signing up for a class with a friend makes it fun and hold you accountable!
Perfecting the work.

Kim and my Thursday night group!

Kim's Favorite Cardio Workout

Interval Training!

Go to the local track and run straight ends, walk the corners.  You don't need to go to the track,  sometimes I will just run for 1 minute hard on a longer street and walk the hill or whatever is around the corner. Pick a spot and run hard to it.

Kim's Green Smoothie Recipe

8 oz pineapple juice
1 cup greek yogurt
A handful of spinach
1 Banana

Blend until smooth.  Some fun add ins:  flax seed, chia, coconut flakes.


  1. Kim is very influential! Glad you have someone so strong in your life to help you along the way...


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