Friday, November 23, 2012


Happy Friday, friends!
One of my most favorite weeks of the whole year is the week of Thanksgiving.  So much excitement leading up to the day, my boys are home from school, and even on Friday it's fun going back to work and helping my students stay motivated the day after the big feast.

We were very lucky this week to have beautiful weather and on Wednesday the boys and I had a fun-filled playdate.
On Thanksgiving we were able to take a couple walks in the woods to help lessen the calorie blow.  I also enjoy getting fresh air as much as possible so it was perfect.

It is Friday so that means another installment of Fresh Fridays.  If you want to link up click here.

3 things that made my week fresh:

1) Celery-grape-carrot juice.  2 stalks celery, 2 bunches dark purple grapes, 8 baby carrots.  My newest favorite!

2) Propping my phone on random objects, in this case old barb wire, to take fun selfies!

3) My one and only Black Friday purchase--second year in a row, so now it's a tradition!  A $5 fresh wreath from The Home Depot.  The bow will soon be gone and I will add red and cream felt rosettes.  Crafty!

Happy weekend, friends!  My plan is to decorate for Christmas and try to not go for an outdoor run.  Sheesh...I need to catch you guys up on my plantar fasciitis drama!


  1. Looks like a fantastic wk, Sally!


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