Friday, November 30, 2012


I don't know about you, but I just cannot say or thing "TGIF" without singing it in the way it was used on ABC back in the nineties for their Friday night programming.  I LOVED TGIF.  Full House, Family Matters, Just the 10 of Us...what were some other TGIF programs??

Anyway...its time for my Fresh Friday link up with The Real Food Runner!
Can I just say that I really love this link up?!  Each Friday it is very fun and refreshing to look back at the week and remember some fun things that happened.  I am usually exhausted by Friday afternoon so my first reaction is to say "nothing" was fun or fresh.  But when I take 2 seconds to think about, it turns out that quite a bit was fun!  :)  You should try it!

Size 2 jeans!

Levi requested that I sing Dead Skunk!

I found a new spot for my Christmas tree that feels
less suffocating.

All in all, a pretty good week.  
  • I have been about 5 pounds heavier since June so still being able to wear a size 2 is great.  
  • I love to sing Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road, so to have Levi request it was awesome!
  • Christmas clutter freaks me out.  See here.  So finding a new arrangement was welcome and quite mandatory.

What 3 things made your week fun???

Just in case you have never heard the's awesome!

Real Food Runner


  1. I hear ya! I need this weekend bad...think we are going to put up all the xmas stuff..super stoked! Oh ya my wife, mel, started pilates yesterday and has a session tomorrow...she said she loved it, thought you would like to hear...have a good weekend!

    1. That is exciting! How did her first session go?

    2. She loved it and has done another class since...I think she is signing up for the long haul and is feeling great about it!

  2. Size two, nice! You look fabulous.



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