Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Workout Wednesday V12: Jezz Dallas

To go along with the Green Smoothie Challenge this week, my Workout Wednesday guest is one of my co-hosts, Jezz Dallas!  She is a blogger and make-up artist that also is passionate about health and fitness so make sure to visit her blog for tips on feeling and looking your best, inside and out.  I really love what she has to say about balancing healthy foods with some favorites.  

Name:  Jezz Dallas
Location: Virginia
Occupation:  Pro Blogger/Freelance Make-Up Artist
Find her: Facebook  Twitter  Bloglovin'

How long have you been working out regularly?
About 4 years.

What is your favorite type of cardio exercise?
I don't like cardio at all.  I do "enjoy" the rowing machine.

How often do you lift weights?
Every single time I workout!  It's not just my favorite thing to do, I believe it's essential as your natural fat burner.  You burn fat and tone your body at the same time!

Do you do any mind/body exercises like yoga or Pilates?
I am very much interested in Pilates, but have never tried it.  For me, working with weights is already relaxing and challenging at the same time.  I love listening to my music and just working out by myself.  Group classes are definitely not for me.

How do you stay motivated to get to the gym?
I look into a mirror!  I go into the gym for myself, because I feel the need to stay fit.  No pressure, just my very own natural motivation to prove to myself: "I can do it!"

What kind of diet do you follow?
I don't diet.  I do watch what I eat and try to stay in the healthy range.  If I do want to slim down I would stay away from carbs and sugar.  But, in the long run, it's just not possible to keep up with.

What are your top 3 tips for eating healthy?

  • Keep it simple: Fruits and water make my body happy!
  • Drink a lot of water, no soda ever.
  • Think about how much [food] you body really needs.  If I am not moving around a lot, I consume less.
What is your favorite type of workout clothing?
Crop pants and a tank!  Victoria's Secret has pants with a tiny pocket in the back for my MP3 player so I don't have to worry about where to put it.  I love it!

Do you take supplements daily?
I take fish oil everyday.  I also like to mix protein powder into my breakfast cereal or drink a small protein drink each day.  I use pre-exercise supplements and an actual protein shake only on days I actually work out.  For more supplement tips from Jezz go here.

When you get busy, how do you squeeze in a workout?
I have to admit, sometimes I am lazy and skip the gym.  But that only makes me more motivated to get back into it the next day!

Do you ever give yourself a cheat meal or cheat day?
Absolutely.  But, since I don't diet per se, I don't have to "cheat."  I don't restrict myself from eating a piece of chocolate or slice of pizza.  I just try to find a healthy balance!

Any food that you never eat?
I love food.  I have yet to find a type of food I would never eat!  And even if it has the most calories, a tiny bite isn't going to kill me.  That's why I workout!

What is a typical workout like for you?
I usually go into the gym with a plan.  One day arms (shoulders/triceps), abs and legs or abs and back another day.  I do mainly lifts ranging from 3-25 pounds.  You don't need heavy weights to get results.
My newest obsession is to get a tight, lifted butt with:  squats!  It's tough at first but the results come fast if you keep with it.  Go here for more sample workouts and gym details!

Thanks for sharing with us, Jezz!  I am definitely motivated to go lift weights now!

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  1. Awesome!! Thanks so much Sally!!!

  2. Blog hopping and excited I came to yours! I am catching up on your posts and thank you for giving me motivation! :)

  3. What a nice interview!! I love Jezz Dallas ...not only because she`s my BFF, but I really enjoy reading her blog and I am so proud that she keeps going on to make her dream become true! Thanks for sharing Sally!

    Kisses from Elle A.

  4. I experimented with and without this supplement and really can tell a difference! At first its tingling effect bothered me, but I researched the supplement and knew it was okay so I kept drinking it.


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