Friday, April 19, 2013

Fresh Friday + Green Smoothie Challenge Prep!

Happy Friday!
Take a moment.  Take a breath.  Look around you and be thankful and then just RELAX.  You are okay.  We are okay.  Even if just in this moment, enjoy the safety of where you are at.

The three things that made this week fresh and fabulous for me:

Prepping for the Green Smoothie Challenge.  I have been having so much fun creating new juice and smoothie recipes to share next week.  Sneaking in veggies and fruits makes me feel so much better!

Finding Liz Lemon Ben & Jerry's.  Lemon Yogurt with a Lavender Blueberry swirl.  Sounds so fancy and tastes very refreshing.  And a fraction of calories and fat compared to real B&J's ice cream!

L falling asleep on my back.  E used to fall asleep this way ALL the time when he was between 1 and 5 or so.  L never did, he is more of a sleep by himself kind of guy.  So it made my mommy heart melt when my babiest baby fell asleep on me after a long, fun day. tell me what made your week fun, fresh and fantastic?  You can do it!  Think of 3 things.  Small.  Big.  Whatever made you smile on this stressful, sad week.  Bloggers, link to Fresh Friday here.
Not a blogger?  Let me know your 3 things in the comment section.  Please!

Are you doing the Green Smoothie Challenge with me next week?
It's really easy, all you have to do is add 1 green drink each day starting April 22.  You will feel so much better, I promise!  Adding greens like spinach, kale, even seaweed to your diet will help you to get much-needed nutrients and be energized and revitalized. Go to Katherine's blog to officially sign up for the challenge.  You will also get lots of recipes, tips and motivation from Katherine, myself and the other co-hosts throughout the week.  If you are not already, follow me on bloglovin' so that you can stay up-to-date.  Or enter your email in the box to get email updates!

Questions about the challenge?
Just let me know!

Thank you so much for stopping by.  With so many blogs to choose from I am truly honored that you choose mine :)


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