Thursday, April 25, 2013

Honey Stinger Review + GIVEAWAY

The first time I tried a Honey Stinger product it was as a free sample at my local health food market.  It was their Energy Chews and, I have to admit, I was expecting a vitamin-y/dry taste like some other energy products out there.  I was pleasantly surprised by the natural taste and the great texture.  That got me to read more about the product and it turns out Honey Stinger has many organic options, natural options and uses natural sweeteners like organic tapioca and honey.

That free sample experience led to todays review and giveaway!

Honey Stinger sent me a generous case of Lemon Waffles, Energy Bars and Energy Gels.
They arrived at a perfect time, the day before my Piloxing training.  Teacher trainings are a true test of my fitness level.  I love attending trainings, but with a day that lasts 9+ hours and typically includes no less than half of that time being spent actually working out my body, I have learned to pack lots of healthy snacks that will keep me going.
So, I packed a Blueberry Buzz bar and a few Organic Lemon Stinger Waffles--one for me and enough to share with my friends in the training.
The Blueberry Buzz bar tastes like real blueberries!  And, again, the texture and taste is great.
As for the Lemon Stinger Waffles...I feel like I could write an entire post about them!  One post about them on Instagram and I had tons of comments from followers attesting to the absolute ymminess of them.
Imagine a waffle cone and creamy lemon filling all wrapped in a convienient package.  One friend that I shared with at the training said that she normally doesn't like lemon but the waffle had such a smooth, natural taste that she loved it.
While it was great for an energy sustaining snack I can also see it being a healthy alternative any day to silence my sweet tooth.

A typical work day for me is not very much more relaxed than a teacher training day.  I am on my feet spotting, cycling, demo-ing and stretching for anywhere from 4-7 hours.  I need lots of protein but in small portions.  I tried the Caffienated Dark Chocolate Mocha Cherry Protein Bar on one of my busiest teaching days.  My plan was to eat half a bar mid-day and save the other half for after my shift.  My plan was quickly foiled when I had my first bite.  I swear, in a blind taste test, you would think this was a candy bar!  With ingredients like organic honey, evaporated cane juice and real chocolate, yes, it is more sweet treat than health food, but it's a great source of energy (it has coffee IN the bar) and a perfect way to keep an active body energized.  10 grams of protein provide fuel to keep you going. Pack it for your next bike ride or hike.

Now on to the Energy Gels.  I am not an expert on gels.  My longest distance as a run is right around 7 miles.  I have stayed away from gels and goo in the past because I was uneasy about the ingredients.  And then came Honey Stinger.  Their gels are organic which means that I can read the ingredients and see words I know and want to put in my body.  And I just love any and all things honey!  I tried Fruit Smoothie, Vanilla and Acai Pomegranate.  All three are tasty, but Fruit Smoothie is my favorite.  It has a dessert-like feel to power me through my workout.
I also enlisted some help from my marathon-running, name-sharing friend Sally. She runs marathons several times each year and half marathons just for fun, so you know she knows her stuff when it comes to energy gels. Her thoughts:

"My favorite of the 3 stingers was the vanilla. I felt like they gave me the boost I need to push through 
my workout. I loved that they are organic!"

And now it's your turn to try Honey Stinger!  Enter to win below.  The drawing ends April 28.  Good luck!

Check out Sally's Facebook page for another awesome giveaway going on TODAY!

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    1. Thanks for entering! The lemon waffles are amazing!

  2. I would like to try the Banana flavor

    1. Me too! I haven't yet. Thanks for entering!

  3. I'd use them in marathon training. Great giveaway!

    1. Perfect for marathon training! Isn't great that they are organic gels?!
      Thanks for entering!


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