Friday, April 5, 2013

What's it like working when sick?

One of the hardest parts of being a fitness instructor, I feel, is when I am not feeling 100%.  Not sick enough to justify a sick day, but just blah.

Today, I have what is probably spring allergies but feels an awful lot like a cold.  My throat feels like sandpaper, my nose is runny and stuffy, and I am tired.  Again, not bad enough to warrant canceling my appointments, but I definitely could use a nap.

It's hardest these days because I still have to give 100% as a teacher.  The show must go on, not only in the theater but in Pilates as well.
My voice is the music for Pilates.  My body is used for spotting, correcting form and projecting.  I am on my feet, moving, correcting, tap dancing (huh?) the entire session.  And I love it.  I do.  But when I feel yucky, it's just that much harder.  And 5 sessions in a row?  Phew.  But I hate to cancel.  My class is that one hour in the day or even week that the student(s) has budgeted time and money for, prepared for and looked forward to.  Sure, no one wants a sickly teacher, but if it is just a case of the sniffles, I have to be here.

So, where is this post going?

To where my posts about teaching typically go.  That I am so thankful to have a job that I love.  To have a job where people look forward to coming in to see me, or, for those that hate exercise, make triple the effort to be here.

So, if you show up to your favorite fitness class one day, and your instructor looks a bit tired, or takes a nose-blowing break, know that she loves being there, loves helping you, enough to fight through and smile.

Oh, and the tap dancing thing?  When my students are sluggishly going through the motions I tend to do a little jig to perk them up. Or maybe I sing the instructions. First time they successfully complete a tricky exercise?  More tap dancing!  Or maybe clapping.

What is difficult about your job when you aren't feeling well?

What keeps you going when you feel like going back to bed?

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