Monday, April 1, 2013

The Morning After - 3 Tips for getting your diet back on track

Here we are, the day after Easter.  Easter is such a fun day, isn't it?
A chance to spend time with family and friends, to be outside having fun and just being thankful.
It's also a day filled with lots of food.  Sweet treats and savory dishes alike tempt from brunch through dinner.  And maybe your entire weekend contained a few extra calories, like pizza while dyeing eggs or a giant hot dog for lunch while running errands.  No?  Just me?

Peepshi (sushi made with Peeps) Fruit by the Foot, Rice Krispy Treats and a Peep.
Way to addictive.

If you happened to over-indulge yesterday, there is good news for today.

One day won't make you gain weight.   One day can't ruin all of the good work you are doing.  You may feel a little bloated or be a pound or two up, but that can all be gone by tomorrow.  Just don't let the celebration from yesterday continue through to today.  Or this whole week.

3 tips for getting back on track

1)  Drink lots of water.  
Flush your system of the added sugar, sodium and everything else.  Half your body weight in ounces is what I recommend daily.  That would be great today, too.  Or get at least 8 ounces each hours.

2)  Don't starve yourself. 
 The first thought after a big eating day is to really skimp on calories.  I get it.  It's easy to want to cut way back today to make up for yesterday.  But starving yourself right now will only lead to potentially over-eating later today.  You know, when you are super-hungry right before dinner and grab a couple leftover marshmallow eggs as an appetizer.  So...keep it even today.  Fresh fruit to help with the sugar cravings.  Fresh veggies to fill you up.  Nuts or lean proteins rather than the salty ham of yesterday.

3)  Move it to lose it.
Take a walk on your lunch break.  Do 10 jumping jacks every time you check Facebook.  Head to your favorite fitness class (Pilates anyone??)  Whatever you do, just move!  You will feel better and whatever movement you choose will get you moving away from the Cadbury eggs.

One last tip.  Actually opinion.  After these "candy" holidays I always hear of people throwing away the candy they or their children received.  I get it.  They want it gone.  It's unhealthy and no one should sit around and eat candy all day.  Not us or our children.  But don't throw it out!  Geez.  So wasteful.  Take a look at the piles of candy.  Did you purchase it for your kids?  If so...don't do that again!  This year I bought 3 chocolate eggs for each boy and they had a few eggs filled with Rolos.  The other eggs we filled with money.  Dollar bills.  Last year we did quarters.  I would rather spend $16 to fill eggs with money rather than that same amount on candy we don't need.  If the candy came from outside sources as gifts think of alternate uses.  I have held onto chocolate bunnies and used them later in chocolate chip cookies.  So you don't have to eat everything all at once.  Un-opened candy and goodies can be taken to a local food pantry.  Or, again, hide it and give your kids one piece in their lunch box.  

What about you?

Did you indulge this weekend or stay on track?

What do you do with leftover candy and sweets?

Are you exercising today to negate the Peeps and eggs?


  1. This is such an awesome post, Sally! ash- yeah yesterday I had fun with all the goodies. :p i did a post. :)

  2. Sally--I'm not going to tell this to you in person. Ever since Sunday I have not eaten between meals and not eaten sugar. If I tell you I may jinx it. I've been repeating what you repeated from Dr. Scott about will power. I know it's late in the game for me...Maybe I can leave a thinner corpse....

    1. Woo hoo for not eating sugar! Dr. Scott would probably also say that a jinx is magical thinking, but, if magical thinking helps with losing weight, I say think all the magical thoughts you want :)
      It's never to late in the game!


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