Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Crack the Walnut!

I hear this phrase all day long.  Sometimes I say it.  Sometimes my husband says it.  Most often lately I hear my students and fellow instructors say it.  I learned the phrase during my Peak Pilates level II training in Austin, TX.  My instructor used it as an imagery cue to get shoulders down the back and to promote good posture. 

"Imagine you have a walnut between your shoulder blades, then squeeze the walnut."  That is a better way to describe the image, but, once established, just saying "Crack the Walnut" gets the desired result.
Want to try it?

Sit or stand tall, shoulders over hips.
Relax your head and neck.
Relax your shoulders and squeeze a walnut between the shoulder blades.

Now you are in good posture, sitting or standing tall. 

Imagery is so important in Pilates.  It can really help with form, breathing, and so much more.  I am always interested to see what does and does not work for my students.

What do you think?  Does this image of "cracking the walnut" work for you?


  1. good posture also demands respect and helps with self confidence. thank you.


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