Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I have noticed several of my favorite bloggers posting "Currently" blogs this week.  I love fun posts like these because it helps me to get to know the blogger a little better.  So I wanted to offer my "Currently" post to share a little about me :)

Me.  Currently.

Anticipating:  Slightly cooler temperatures.  I LOVE spring and summer and I do not mind warm weather at all, but we have been experiencing 100 degree weather for nearly a month now and, while I kind of like it, I miss getting to run outside whenever I want.  Highs is the 70's, lows in the 50's...the perfect weather for a runner and it will be arriving any week (or month!) now.

Listening to:  fun.  Specifically the Some Nights album.  I can't stop!  I won't stop!  It has been my go-to workout music since at least April, maybe last March.  My CD reviewing days are long-gone so I will not even try, but each and every song on this album is a breath of fresh air and I credit it with helping me through countless miles of running, including my first 10K last June.

Loving:  Time with friends.  John and I really enjoy spending time with our friends.  Having them over for dinner, or being guests at their home.  Hitting the town together or just meeting up at a park.  Friends with kids.  Friends without kids.  It's all fun.  And these last couple of weeks we have been lucky enough to have many opportunities to do this.  Sharing stories on parenting, working, just living. Trying new foods and games.  At this stage in my life I can't think of  a better way to spend the weekend.

Planning:  The fall schedule at the studio.  My boss has several ideas for the business that I need to implement.  Along with that I have a handful of creative instructors that have ideas for new classes and workshops.  Planning how the new schedule will look, how the studio will look, and how to best market that have all been on my mind lately.  It can sometime be stressful to get it all to work out, but it is also really fun.  And once a schedule gets made then I get to just sit back and watch the progression of each class.  

Reading:  In The Garden Of Beasts by Erik Larson.  It is the true-life account of the United States ambassador to Germany during pre-war Nazi Germany.  Erik Larson uses historical documents, journals and letters to create a book that reads like a novel.  I really enjoyed The Devil In The White City, about the Chicago World's Fair, and so far I am liking this book as well.   The first few pages of the book, Das Vorspiel (the Prelude) the author reminds the reader that the people in the book were living in real time, without the hindsight that we all have now.  That is one of the most interesting parts of the book, that the Ambassador, his adult children, other dignitaries, were giving the Third Reich a chance, trying to understand what was going on, giving them the benefit of the doubt, because they did not know of the evil that was brewing and already happening.  I'm learning about this time period without feeling like I am reading a text book! 

Watching:  The Olympics.  Big surprise, huh?  I know everyone and their goldfish is doing the same, but I really do love the Olympics.  Winter, Summer, I love both.  It's fun to watch top athletes compete. To watch what looks perfect to me score low and learn why.  I love the back story on the Olympians, too.  My kids are enjoying the games as well, so we all watch together.  Next week, I will be back to watching Mad Men on Netflix and too many episodes of Phineas and Ferb so I am enjoying watching something current for now.

Wishing:  That I could stretch summer vacation out just a little bit longer.  We had such a fun summer with trips, outings with family and friends, projects at home, and a few lazy days spent by the pool that I hate to see it end.  I remember when I was a child I would wish I could put the brakes on once the end of summer was approaching.  I feel that way now for my children.

Working On:  Finishing up our Summer To-Do List.  We started mid-summer so our list shows what we already did and what we wanted to accomplish.  We are nearly there!  The plan is to make home-made goo, or slime, today.  The World's Fair exhibit at the Nelson-Atkins museum ends soon so we have to get there this weekend!  It was fun finding out what the boys wanted to do this summer and then work on getting it accomplished!

I would love to hear what you are currently up to.  Please feel free to write in the comment section...I always read and respond :)

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