Friday, August 3, 2012

The New Kid In Class

I have been wanting to write a post about being the new kid in a fitness class.  It is difficult.  No one likes to be the newbie, not knowing other students, the teacher, learning a new exercise.  Stepping out of our comfort zone is hard, and then throw on top of that the fact that there is sweating, frustration, muscle fatigue...well, it's no wonder it's hard getting people in the door!  I myself get slightly nervous when attending a new class at a new studio.  So I will be blogging on how to over come that feeling.

But not today.

 Today, I would like for you to put yourself in the shoes of someone else.  Male or female is not important.  This could be anyone, anywhere:

Imagine you attend your first Yoga class.  You bought a mat months ago because your spouse suggested you take a class to stay in shape because you had expressed an interest in Yoga.  You finally find a studio that has classes late enough in the day to accommodate your schedule.  You go to your first class, a smaller class with only 4 other students, but they have all done Yoga before.  You are not very flexible, using every modification the instructor gives you, sitting a few out, but still trying your hardest.  You are sweaty.  You are frustrated.  But you are determined.
Now, on top of all of that...
Your spouse died last week after nearly 40 years of marriage and the last year was spent watching, helping, struggling through their battle with cancer.  You have young adult children that are out of the house but not out of the age where you don't need to worry.  You are not overweight but your body doesn't move as well as it could.  This class was the first time you have worked out in years.  You are looking for a way to relax, to get in to shape and to stay grounded.  Scared but determined you walked through the door and took the class.  

The hardest class a student will ever take is the first one.  Get through the door and you will be fine.  Acknowledge that, while you may be nervous about your first class, you will not be the only one that feels that way. I am sharing this story not to cause sadness or a feeling of guilt, but to be an inspiration.  We all have our battles.  We all have various things that seem to hold us back.  But it's important to move forward.  If the student above got through the door, so can you.  


  1. Inspired but still procrastinating ...see if this gets posted.

    1. Yes, it posted! And, remember, the hardest part is getting in the door. Quite literally for some. No one ever regrets a workout once it is over :)


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